10 Things You Should Never Do When Driving In A Colorado Snowstorm

Our readers thought these tips might come in handy if you’re new to Colorado and plan on driving in the snow this winter. Here is a list of tips and advice you could refer people to the when the weather gets ugly out. Let us know if there is a tip and advice we should add.

10. Tailgate another driver.

Many people inexperienced with driving in the snow make a bad habit out of tailing the vehicle in front of them too closely. Like driving too fast, this lessens your reaction time if there’s a problem with the vehicle ahead of you and you need to slow down suddenly.

9. Forget to fill your washer fluid.

When the snow melts, the splash-back will contain Mag-Chloride. Its good for helping to keep roads wet, and excellent for creating a similar effect on your windshield, as to that you experience while opening your eyes under water. A quick shot of washer fluid helps to clear the haze.

8. Driving around with bald tires.

Seriously. If your tires are bald, go get some new ones. You’ll be doing both yourself and the rest of us a huge favor.

7. Don’t slam on your brakes.

When you feel your tires start to slip, it’s easy to panic and slam on the brakes. Don’t do it — this removes traction from your tires, taking away your ability to control your vehicle. Once you’ve lost traction and your wheels are locked up, slamming your brakes won’t change the situation. What you should do when you feel yourself begin to skid is ease off the accelerator and let the car slow down on its own.

6. Don’t rush, give yourself EXTRA time to get places.

This isn’t just about driving. Walking, biking, taking the bus, light rail, whatever. Any kind of travel you do around the metro area this winter, give yourself extra time. Everywhere you go, there is going to be traffic, congestion, delays, and poor travelling conditions. Traffic on our roads is often caused because people didn’t give themselves enough time to deal with the elements, rushed, and caused an issue. There’s no way around it.

5. Make sure you fill your gas tank when you get down to 1/2.

You never know when you’ll be stuck due to a major accident, stuck in snow, or road closing. I was stranded one year during a really bad storm and I had to sleep in my car overnight. Good thing I had a full tank of gas to keep the car running and warm.

4. Speeding around corners, watch out for black ice.

Regular road surfaces can just be wet, but bridges and over-passes can be a sheet of ice. Use caution when going over them when the temperature is hovering around freezing. Black ice is very hazardous and can send your car out of control without warning if you’re not paying attention.

3. If you don’t need to go anywhere, don’t.

I understand some people have to go to work. If you work at a place that is cool with you staggering your hours to avoid rush hours, take advantage of that.

2. Don’t power up hills.

Don’t slam on your gas when going up a hill thinking you’ll get somewhere faster – you’ll just look like an idiot with your tires spinning out of control while the old lady in the Honda Civic cruises right past you with no problems.

1. Do not speed.

I don’t care if your Subaru Forester is 4wd with snow tires. When you’re speeding like a twat and you need to brake hard on a patch of ice, you’re still gonna have a bad time. It’s for your safety and every other car around you. four wheel drive does not ensure four wheel stop!

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