5 Hidden Colorado Zoos That You Probably Never Visited

Your family wants to take a trip to the local zoo. The zoo is home to various wild and unique animals which are made available for your viewing pleasure. Everywhere you look there is something new to discover in Colorado. Take a look at this list of Zoos you probably never visited before.

Colorado Gators Reptile Park

9162 County Rd. 9 N., Mosca, CO 81146

5 Hidden Colorado Zoos That You Probably Never Visited

Colorado Gators began in 1977 as a fish farm. The geothermal well is 2050 ft deep and 87 degrees. In 1987, the first alligators were brought in as ‘garbage disposals’ for dead fish. Some of these original gators are now 12 feet long. There are many species of reptiles on this farm, most of which come from uninformed pet owners. At the Colorado Gators Farm they take care of these animals and display them for education of the public.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary

1946 Co Rd 53, Keenesburg, CO 80643

5 Hidden Colorado Zoos

The Sanctuary is located on rural, rolling grasslands northeast of the Denver Metro area. Comprising 720 acres and sheltering more than 290 Lions, Tigers, Bears, Leopards, Mountain Lions, Wolves and other large carnivores, it is the first sanctuary of its kind to create large acreage species-specific habitats for its rescued animals.

Pueblo Zoo

3455 Nuckolls Ave, Pueblo, CO 81005

Pueblo Zoo is a 30-acre zoo located in Pueblo, Colorado in the United States. The zoo is open year round and is home to over 420 animals of more than 140 species. The Pueblo Zoological Society manages the zoo, which is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

4250 Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is America’s only mountainside zoo, located southwest of downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado on Cheyenne Mountain in the United States at an elevation of 6,800 feet above sea level. The Zoo covers 140-acre, of which 40 acres are in use. It is located west of The Broadmoor resort along the slopes of Cheyenne Mountain’s lower north end. The animal collection includes more than 750 animals, representing nearly 150 different species, with more than 30 endangered species.

Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center

4729 Twin Rocks Rd, Divide, CO 80814

Wolves are no longer found in the wild in Colorado, but you can still see them in their natural habitat at the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center.  On a tour you get a chance to see 18 wolves and other animals like foxes and ferrets.  The regular tours run about an hour.  They are offered several times a day Tuesday through Sunday.

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