6 Disturbing Cemeteries In Colorado That Will Give You Goosebumps

Here are 6 of the most disturbing cemeteries in Colorado.

Woodpecker Hill (Canon City)

Woodpecker Hill is home to many death row inmates, so it’s no surprise that there have been several reports of shadowy figures, orbs, and the sounds of laughing children (other residents of the cemetery.)

Cheesman Park (Denver)

What is now a popular park was once a corrupt cemetery where the bodies of the deceased were mistreated. Today, the entire Cheesman Park neighborhood is said to be haunted by the spirits of those laid to rest at the former City Cemetery.

Bingham Hill Cemetery

3.) Bingham Hill Cemetery (Laporte)
Legend has it that when you drive by the old cemetery at night, ghosts will chase you, sounds of crying babies fill your car, and you may even feel a cold hand touch your arm…Remind me to NEVER visit Bingham at night.

Evergreen Cemetery

4.) Evergreen Cemetery (Leadville)

Eerie Evergreen Cemetery is home to the graves of Native American activist Helen Hunt (pictured,) the spirits of some of the old area silver miners, a mischievous blue orb, and a woman in white who appears to the living when flying over graves.

Littleton Cemetery

5.) Littleton Cemetery (Littleton)

The fact that notorious cannibal Alfred Packer is buried here is haunting enough..

Silver Cliff Cemetery

6.) Silver Cliff Cemetery (Silver Cliff)

Silver Cliff is most famous for reported dancing blue lights that are said to float through the cemetery and bounce on the headstones — the legend of the lights has even earned itself a feature in National Geographic magazine.

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