Here Are 8 Amazing Hacks To Help Survive This Summer Without Air Conditioning

Here are 8 hacks to help you survive this summer without Air Conditioning.

Icy Pillow.

This is a pretty cool trick: put a pillow into a plastic bag and stick it in the freezer for a couple of hours right before you go to bed. This ice cold pillow should help you get some sleep in a muggy bedroom during the summer.

Cold Foot Soak.

Cooling down our hands and feet is the quickest way help our bodies cool down. Absorb your feet in a chilly bowl of water or run your wrists under icy water for 10 seconds each for a reviving cool down.

Frozen Water. 

A less fussy method:
This is a pretty neat tip. Put a frozen 2 litter or gallon of water a couple feet away in front of your fan. This will provide you with a nice cool breeze to cool down with.

Satin Sheets.

Replace your sheets, pillowcases and blankets with silk or satin versions in the summer. The light fabric will feel cool and smooth on your skin.

DIY Air Conditioning.

Homemade Air Conditioner

While it may not be economical to splurge on an A/C that you’ll only use for a couple of months, it certainly is economical to make your own with a cooler, cold water and copper tubing. The DIY version is not as powerful as an A/C but will cool the air much better than just a fan.

Cooler Fan.

Here’s another DIY air conditioner idea: fill a cooler with ice or ice packs and set up a fan so it blows directly into it. The fan will circulate the cold air coming from the cooler.

Avoid using the stove.

Turning on appliances – from the stove to the laundry to the dishwasher and even your laptop – generates heat. Avoid using them as much as possible in a space that doesn’t have air conditioning.

Ice water in a spray bottle.

You can’t go wrong with this method. Fill up a spray bottle with water and stick it in the fridge to get ice cold. An ice cold mist is going to feel so good in a house with no AC.

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