What is the different between annuals and perennials in Landscapes?

We often get asked what is the difference between annuals and perennials?

Planting annual or perennial flowers has always been a tough decision for people. Trying to determine which they prefer and what works best for their yard is even tougher. Although most experts would recommend a good mixture of both to have a little color all year round, here is a little information on each to help you make your decision. Comparing annual and perennial flowers is a little like comparing apples and oranges. Each type of flower has its own characteristics and advantages.

Annuals are one of the most popular plants mainly because they supply beautiful pops of color even though they are only temporary. They are the easiest flowers to take care of, and are the least expensive. An annual plant is a plant which blooms only once, during its annual cycle. Spring annuals flower in spring, summer annuals in summer, etc. If you plant petunias by the garden gate and they blossom in May and you want them there again next May, you’ll have to replant. Except for a possible stray survivor that may come up next year, those particular plants are finished with their job by your garden gate. Annuals are hard to beat in terms of showy, season-long color.

Perennial plants, on the other hand, come up over and over again, year after year, as long as conditions for their blooming remain beneficial. Although most perennials tend to have a relatively short season of bloom, combining several species in your planting can yield season-long color. If you plant cone flowers by the garage this year, they will bloom in season, die out during the winter, then come up next year, and the next, to bloom again.

Can’t decide whether to plant annuals or perennials? No need to pick one or the other. Annuals and perennials can be combined in your planting design to reap the best of both! Contact Lawn Pros for your Coloardo landscaping needs!



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