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Artificial Grass Installation Aurora, CO


A well cared lawn can be a great asset on any property as it not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the property but also increases the functionality of outdoor spaces. This means that a well-tended to lawn can increase the monetary value of any property. Unfortunately, natural grass is susceptible to the elements. For instance, when it rains a lot, the grass can get drowned to death. You can expect the same result when snow covers the lawn. During the hot summer months, the grass can be scorched to death, creating an unsightly outdoor space. Furthermore, it costs a lot of money to maintain a great-looking lawn. After all, weeding, irrigation and mowing must be done on a regular basis, and that costs money. Since natural grass requires nutrients to grow, fertilizers must be added to keep the lawn healthy. You can easily avoid these costs by installing artificial synthetic grass.

 Artificial Grass Aurora, CO

Synthetic Grass Landscaping in Aurora, CO

As mentioned earlier, natural grass has too many disadvantages, now here are two more – they require herbicides and pesticides to keep weeds and insects away. These chemicals can cause severe reactions, such as itching, scratchy throats, watery eyes and running nose among others. When it rains, rainwater will wash away these chemicals into rivers, lakes and underground water reservoirs, thereby intoxicating the environment. The main reasons to switch from natural grass to synthetic turf are to; save money, protect the environment and have a weather-resistant lawn.

Who Needs Synthetic Turf Installation?

Homeowners can acquire a cost effective and maintenance-free lawn which is safe for their kids to play on by installing artificial lawn for homes. Local councils can also lower their lawn maintenance costs with artificial grass installation. The turf grass can replace natural grass on public parks as well as roadside vegetation. Schools, hotels and golf courses can also benefit from artificial turf installation. Generally, anyone who has a natural lawn can derive a lot of benefits from synthetic grass installation.

Properties of Artificial Turf

Artificial grass not only looks like real grass, it also feels like the real thing. Depending on the type of synthetic turf you choose, you can expect the length of the fibers to range from 1 inch to 2.5 inches. Lawn Pros deal in different types of synthetic turf products. Most of these products come with a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. With proper use and maintenance, however, the artificial grass can last over 20 years. Lawn Pros offer an 8-year warranty on all artificial turf products, so you can get free repairs or a complete replacement if your turf grass does not live up to expectations. Another important characteristic of artificial turf is its ability to resist deterioration from fungus, mildew, rot and microorganisms. The fibers are also resistant to UV radiation. This means the fibers cannot fade as they are resistant to the sun’s harmful radiation. Therefore, you can expect your turf lawn to look great for many years. Additionally, the fibers do not stain, so you do not need to worry about pets urinating or pooping on the turf. All you need to do is scoop any solid waste and wash the area with water, just as you would when pets poop on natural grass.

 Artificial Turf Grass Aurora, CO

Synthetic Lawn Grass Installation Cost

The cost of buying turf grass ranges from $2.50 to $4.00 per square foot, depending on the type of synthetic grass product you choose. The cost of installing the turf will differ from one client to another, and may also be negotiable. If you have thousands of square feet of open space to cover with turf grass, the cost can be quite considerable. Fortunately, the investment can be recouped from savings you stand to make from lower water bills, no mowing, zero fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. Since the change from natural grass to synthetic lawn will help you reduce your carbon footprint as well as protect the ecosystems from the harmful effects of chemical pesticides and herbicides, you will be saving the planet in a small way, which is invaluable.

During installation, Lawn Pros installers use 7-inch pins to hold down the edges of the turf, with a spacing of 3 feet between the pins. Before the installation can begin, however, the sod must first be removed and a base created using a 2 to 4-inch blend of rocks which is hardened and smoothed before the artificial turf is laid on top. If several pieces are needed to cover the area, the pieces are seamed together before the infill material is spread over the turf. The infill can either be rubber crumbs, sand or a combination of the two materials.

Maintaining a Turf Lawn

Grass Maintenance Aurora, CO

While turf lawns require virtually no maintenance, the occasional blowing, using a leaf blower, and picking of branches and twigs is recommended. You do not need to worry about drainage because the base is permeable and the backing of the turf allows water to drain into the base.

Myths About Synthetic Turf Busted

There is common misconception about artificial turf which may be discouraging consumers from considering turf lawn installation. One of the myths is that artificial grass contains heavy metals, such as lead. The truth is that the artificial grass products that Lawn Pros deals in do not contain any type of heavy metal. The company has the most stringent testing in the industry, so you do not need to worry about harmful chemicals on your lawn. Secondly, some people claim that installing synthetic grass is much more expensive than installing a natural grass lawn. The truth, however, is that the cost of buying the topsoil, fertilizers, irrigation system, herbicides, pesticides and sod as well as weeding, watering and mowing the lawn can be quite significant. Since artificial lawns do not have these costs, you will most likely break-even within 3 to 5 years after installation.

Choosing the Right Synthetic Grass

Lawn Pros has different types of synthetic grass on sale as well as a team of experienced professionals who can help you choose the right synthetic grass for your needs. We have been in the artificial synthetic grass business since 1987, so we know what Aurora, CO, residents expect from synthetic turf lawns. Call us today to replace your lawn with durable, pet-friendly, maintenance free, affordable, great-looking, Eco-friendly and family-friendly artificial turf.