Artificial Grass Installation Broomfield, CO

Most homeowners are concerned with the maintenance of their house and property and want to ensure that it always looks its best. If you have been struggling to keep a beautiful lawn or are unhappy with the way the natural grass around your home looks, you will be pleased to discover that synthetic alternatives are just as beautiful and sometimes even superior to the natural products they replace. Artificial synthetic grass is a great example of this, and below are some interesting and informative facts about turf lawns:

Facts About Artificial Lawns for Homes

Synthetic grass turf is a wiser option than natural grass in many ways. These include maintenance, utility, appearance, and even environmental factors. However, you may be wondering what a synthetic lawn is made from and how it is installed. Artificial turf is a synthetic product that is designed to look like natural grass. It first gained significant attention over 50 years ago, when it was used in the Astrodome, which had just been constructed in the 1960s.

Artificial Grass Broomfield, CO

Of course, synthetic grass landscaping has come a long way from the old time “Astroturf” and it is now almost impossible to tell the difference between the best artificial turf and natural grass. This is because first-generation turf systems mainly consisted of short pile fibers with no infill, thus making it obvious that the grass was artificial. Second-generation synthetic grass featured long fibers and sand infills, and these boasted a much better appearance. On today’s modern marketplace, third-generation systems are the most widely used, which contain infills that are combinations of sand and recycled rubber granules. These perfected products offer homeowners the opportunity to have a stunning lawn without the hassle that comes with natural grass.


Although you may be hesitant at the thought of installing “fake” grass on your property, a natural lawn cannot match the benefits of synthetic grass turf on many levels. For example, reduced maintenance is the major advantage of synthetic lawn grass installation, as cutting, watering and observing for the maladies that affect natural vegetation are all eliminated. You will also likely enjoy not having to hire professionals to treat your lawn each year with herbicides and pesticides so that your grass stays beautiful and disease-free. Ultimately, you can look forward to a beautiful lawn year-round without having to lift a finger.

After installing artificial synthetic grass, you can also cease to worry about children or animals tearing up your lawn or transporting dirt or mud into your home. In addition, when the best artificial turf is selected, you will find that it can sustain a lot of abuse without its appearance changing in any way.

Artificial Grass Turf Broomfield, CO

Synthetic Grass and the Environment

If you are like many individuals, you may think that what is natural is automatically the best thing for the environment. However, lawn experts can tell you that turf lawns are in certain ways far better than natural grass for the environment. This is particularly true in regions where constant watering is necessary to maintain a healthy lawn. If individuals in such areas switch to synthetic grass, water conservation would get an enormous boost.

In addition, as previously mentioned, synthetic lawn turf does not require the use of pesticides or fertilizers. In fact, the water table would be cleaner and higher if more homeowners installed artificial synthetic grass. Unlike concrete, which can lead to erosion and runoff, synthetic turf is porous, meaning water is still absorbed by the ground underneath.

Appearance of Synthetic Grass Turf

If you mistakenly thought that artificial turf grass is not attractive, you probably have not seen the way manufacturers have perfected the product over the last 20 years. The aesthetic disadvantages of old synthetic grass are easy to spot. However, if you think artificial grass has not been used very much for the last few decades or is not as popular as it used to be, it is not because you have not seen it, but rather because it no longer looks artificial.

As with all products, the materials used to manufacture such grass have gotten so much better over time that many homeowners choose the product for no reason other than its lovely appearance. Therefore, if you are searching for new ideas for your home’s landscaping in Broomfield, CO, you should definitely consider finding out more about this type of grass.

Artificial Grass Installation By Lawn Pros in Broomfield, CO

Lawn Pros Staff installing Artificial Grass

When you call Lawn Pros to have your synthetic lawn installed, they will start by removing the existing sod. After this, a special blend of crushed rock will be used as a smooth, compacted base. The artificial turf is then rolled onto the base and if necessary, seamed together. Infill material is sprayed on the surface of the lawn with a fertilizer spreader, and this material coats the grass from the bottom to the top. The type of artificial grass you select will determine the kind of infill material and how much of it is needed. The infill may be made from rubber crumbs, sand, or a combination of the two.

Different Types of Turf

Lawn Pros offers the largest selection of synthetic grass available. The different types of artificial grass for lawns are given a number according to their thickness or density, with thicker products having the highest numbers. A helpful representative can assist you in selecting the right kind of turf for your property and provide you with all the details concerning the product you choose.

Not all artificial synthetic grass is the same, and therefore, it is important to do business with an experienced and reputable company. Since 1987, Lawn Pros has manufactured top quality artificial synthetic turf. All products offered have undergone extensive research before being offered to consumers. This includes wear resistant testing and stability tests. In addition, and arguably most importantly, all products offered by Lawn Pros are lead free, which is something many companies cannot boast. The synthetic turfs manufactured by Lawn Pros are American-made and offered under warranty. Therefore, if you are considering replacing your existing lawn with artificial grass, you should speak to a helpful representative today who can provide you with additional information.


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