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Artificial Grass Installation Castle Pines, CO


Everybody loves the look of a green lawn. Most people, however, are not crazy about the time or money spent in having one, and that’s usually just to achieve a modicum of seasonal enjoyment. Here in Castle Pines, CO, grass is going to be brown for a large part of the year, no matter how much you spend on outrageous water bills and  fertilizer. However, for those who truly love the idea of an evergreen lawn but do not want to move to Florida, there is a solution.

Artificial Grass Castle Pines CO

The Future is Now


Advancing technology has finally cracked the obstacle that prevents Colorado home and business owners from enjoying the luxurious feel of grass on a year-round basis. The solution is artificial synthetic grass from Lawn Pros. This is not a modern-day version of that old Astroturf carpet that people used to put down on their decks. Instead, it is such an amazing new concept that most people who stand on it for the first time are completely unaware that it isn’t natural grass.

This new form of synthetic grass starts life as a sturdy, weather-resistant mat, on top of which are thousands of individual blades of artificial grass made out of a soft yet durable plastic resin that looks and feels just like a real lawn would. This comes in large rolls that are laid down on a specially-prepared bed of pebble-sized material that permits rain and snow to drain away underneath just as would happen with any other lawn.

How Artificial Grass Works on Your Castle Pines CO Home

Artificial Turf Grass Castle Pines CO

Installing this new year-round artificial synthetic grass product is not really much different from how one would go about putting down new sod. Assuming this is going to replace an existing lawn, the first order of business is to tear out the current lawn. Once this has been removed, the ground is prepared in such a way as to ensure that no weeds or other unwanted growth will invade the new surface. A bed of fine gravel is laid down to assist in proper drainage so that the lawn does not become an artificial synthetic swamp after a hard rain or a lot of melting snow.

Once this essential bit of site preparation is completed, the actual synthetic turf grass is unrolled on top of it and securely pinned into place around the perimeter of the installation. Yet the turf grass installation does not solely rest upon this method of holding everything into place. Instead, a layer of fine, soft fill is then laid down on top of the synthetic grass surface and carefully massaged down into place. This creates an almost perfect image of live grass poking its blades up out of the soil.

What You Lose on the Deal

When landscaping in Castle Pines, CO, using synthetic grass landscaping costs a little more than a typical new lawn installation, but perhaps not much more than people suppose. There is no need for costly sprinkler systems, plumbing hookups, and those always annoying timer controllers. You will no longer need a lawn mower, trimmer, and fertilizer spreader taking up valuable space inside your garage. The annual rituals of having the sprinkler guy in to start up the system and blow it out again in the fall will be gone forever. So too will be those regular appearances of the lawn crew and the fertilizer guy spraying chemicals around your house. Yes, it will be tough living without all of these things, but most people are willing to grind it out somehow.

What You Gain

Simply put, the Castle Pines homeowner who elects to install synthetic turf grass from the local Lawn Pros experts ends up with the most beautiful and maintenance free lawn on the block. Not only that, but they will be able to enjoy that vibrant green landscape all year long while their neighbors stare out at lifeless brown grass and wonder if any of it will come back in the spring.

Many people ask about the durability of a synthetic artificial grass lawn. They wonder if it will wear out or fade under the impact of that ever-present Colorado sunshine. There is no need to worry. Lawn Pros manufacture the best artificial turf right here in the USA, where the quality can be scrupulously controlled. All new installations come with an 8-year warranty against fade or material breakdown, although many installations have been down for many years beyond that timeframe and shown no evidence of wear whatsoever. Considering the fact that most actual grass lawns experience some form of disease, dieback or pet damage every single year, an 8-year guarantee against such things actually stacks up rather nicely.

On the Subject of Pets

Dogs and cats use an artificial lawn exactly the same way as they would use a natural one. When it comes to doing their business, they may do so on the new lawn without harm to it. Policing up solid matter from the yard is done in the same way as would normally happen. Likewise, for liquids, they simply drain down underneath the synthetic grass just like they would when soaking into a normal lawn. In the event of an odor buildup, the solution is the same for both surfaces—water the area in question.

Keeping Ahead of the Joneses

Artificial Synthetic Grass Castle Pines CO

Using artificial synthetic grass for landscaping in Castle Pines, CO is a way to be at the forefront of modern technology and environmental friendliness, not to mention all the money that will be saved from yearly household budgets. In most cases, installing artificial lawns for homes will generally pay for itself over a 3-5 year period. All the time that gets saved from lawn chores and all the money that does not need to be spent in yearly upkeep means that there is plenty of time to practice on your own personal year-round putting green and plenty of extra money to play one of the fabulous local courses whenever you like.

Why not arrange for a free, no-obligation consultation today, and see how the many benefits of a synthetic lawn can make your home so much more attractive and easier to maintain.