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There is nothing quite as relaxing as spending time on a well manicured lawn. With the grass clipped to the right length, you can just sit back and enjoy the view. However, getting it to the acceptable level can require a great deal of effort and time spent in the heat during growing season.

Artificial Grass Cherry Hills CO

Environmental Consideration

Something else comes to mind when talking about creating the perfect lawn, and that is the amount of water it takes to keep it green and looking its best. If you are an environmentally conscious individual, that may seem like overdoing it a bit. This is when you start reviewing your options.

Solution To The Problem

Artificial synthetic grass is one solution designed to take some of the work and all the water out of creating the best looking lawn in the neighborhood. Landscaping in Cherry Hills, CO has entered the 21st century with the introduction of synthetic turf grass in residential locations.

That’s right. Artificial synthetic grass is no longer reserved for use on playing fields. Today’s manufacturers are now using yarns that look more like natural grass. With this innovation, there has been a 30% yearly increase in residential synthetic artificial grass lawn installation for the past 5 years.

Landscaping In Cherry Hills, CO With Grass Turf

Artificial Lawn Grass Cherry Hills

Landscaping in Cherry Hills, CO with grass turf is a great ides and it can be used in a variety of ways. For instance, artificial grass can be used to fill in areas between driveway and walkway pavers, underneath playgrounds, surround swimming pools and in courtyards. It can also be used to cover an entire yard. Some people even use artificial synthetic grass to create an area for their pets with a drainage system built right in.

Images Of Yesterday’s Turf Gone Forever

Putting Greens Cherry Hills CO

Thoughts often turn to visions of putting greens with tightly curled fibers and a nice shine when considering artificial synthetic grass. However, this is not what we are talking about when describing landscaping in Cherry Hills, Co with today’s new upgraded turf fabrics. The lower luster and skinnier blades are also softer to the touch. All this gives them the appearance and feel of real grass.

It was only about 10 years ago that synthetic turf began to be used in residential applications on and real scale, but it could be spotted in sporting arenas back in the 1970s and forward. This has given developers time and opportunity to make some impressive changes to manufacturing and materials. Homeowners can now reap the benefits.

Comparing Artificial Synthetic Grass To The Real Thing

It’s true that most of us enjoy the scent of a freshly mown lawn, but what exactly does that cost. That can vary from one lawn to the next in terms of financial investment, but we are going to consider this question in other terms here.

Every year hundreds of thousands of mowers can be heard in neighborhoods around the globe. The majority of these are gas powered and they hum and whine their way around lawns every week. Keeping the grass under control requires many things, and no one would argue that a large amount of gasoline is at the top of the list right up there with time and energy.

Water is another natural resource that is used in large quantities throughout the growing season and in many instances beyond. To keep roots alive in some areas, watering during winter months is a must and you may not even get the benefit of a green, lush lawn at this time for the effort. Environmentalists are certainly not appreciative of this fact.

Of course, you do have the option of not watering, but the result is an unsightly lawn. For some, there is the added disadvantage of dirt and dust being tracked into the home and dust being stirred up when the wind blows. Then there are the weeds to deal with that spring up from lack of care and those individuals who decide that you must not care so why should they be expected to. These are the folks that will stop picking up after their dogs. No one wants that, even if it does save the cost of gas and water consumption.

Landscaping in Cherry Hills, CO

Artificial Grass Landscaping Cherry Hills

Landscaping in Cherry Hills, CO includes traditional lawn care as well. We don’t just install artificial synthetic grass even though we are proud that we can offer that to the people in this area. Our customers know us for the quality of our service. We provide exceptional lawn care and all types of landscaping services. We can also install your choice of hardscapes with lighting and specialize in tree care and sprinkler system installation.

Whatever your needs are when you think about making your lawn an amazing retreat, we can help you with that. Landscaping in Cherry Hills, CO with artificial synthetic grass is an option that should be considered when you would like to spend more time with your family and less in maintenance activities.

It is not necessary to turn the entire yard into a synthetic lawn, especially if you still want to enjoy the smell of freshly mown grass. Reducing the size of the area where grass is located may be all you need to do. Artificial synthetic grass is perfect to fill in around the edges and serves to reduce the amount of time required to weed eat. You can also benefit by applying strips in and around flower beds to act as weed and moisture control.

The front lawn is an area most homeowners want to create a great first impression with incredible curb appeal. Adding some artificial turf in critical places here is a wonderful way to determine if using it on a larger scale is a good idea. You get a real feel for how it holds up and the response from neighbors will certainly tell the tale.

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