Artificial Grass Installation Colorado Springs, CO

When it comes to lawn maintenance, most people in Colorado Springs, CO prefer an easier option available these days. We are talking about artificial synthetic grass. It offers a practical option as there is no requirement of costly maintenance and yet your lawn looks lush and green all year round. More and more homeowners are increasingly opting for synthetic grass for their home and for other purposes as well.

Artificial Grass Colorado Springs CO

Artificial grass made its appearance for the first time during the 1960s. The grass in those days was composed of a material that made it appear rather spiky. Also, it looked and felt fake too. Synthetic grass has come a long way since then. These days, it is much softer and not at all prickly. It looks and feels far more real too. Also, modern artificial turf comes with infill and a drainage system that is helpful and effective.

Modern synthetic grass is more durable as well. Due to the usage of infill, artificial lawns feel quite different to walk on than the lawns of the days gone by. Infill is put in between the blades of the grass and contains tiny rubber granules. These help to keep the blades in an upright position, while at the same time cushioning them. This helps the water to pass away easily too without the drainage getting hampered in any way.

Here are some other uses of synthetic grass.

DIY golf range – For people who love to play golf, with synthetic grass, you have a great way to have your own golf range at home or office. If you would like to practice your favorite sport more often, all you need to do is install a strip of fake grass to create a practice station. Every time you want to relax or feel the need to stretch a bit, playing in your golf range can be a great diversion.

Children’s playground – Many people who stay in high rises and who do not have the option of owning a natural yard, can create artificial lawns inside the house for their children to play. It makes for an ideal place for all kinds of lawn games and indoor camping. The artificial turf serves as the perfect padding for kids. It also prevents them from getting hurt even as they run around and play.

Artificial Grass Playground Colorado Springs

Themed occasions – Event planners often use fake grass to create a natural setting for their guests. It helps bring an added style to the party decor. It is used extensively for landscaping in Colorado Springs, CO as well.

Elderly people and holiday home owners – Synthetic grass comes across as an ideal option for aged people who can no longer physically look after their own gardens and have to depend on family, or friends, or professional gardening company to look after for them. It has also become a popular option with holiday home owners who visit their properties occasionally, and do not have the resources or time to take care of their lawns properly.

Pet runs – It offers a great surface for use in pet runs as it is easy to keep the turf clean and sterile. It is thus a favorite of pet owners.

Roof garden – In properties where the roof is not strong enough to carry the weight of a natural turf, an artificial turf can serve the purpose. With lightweight synthetic grass, you no longer have the problem of weight and you do not have to face any hassles of maintaining it either.

Swimming pools – Artificial grass is excellent substitute for natural grass around swimming pools; it means no more muddy areas around the pools from where dirt can be carried to the pool. Also, the grass stays green and clean all throughout giving it a pleasant appearance.

These are just few of the many uses of fake grass.

Synthetic grass helps create a perfect lawn for everyone to enjoy. It looks wonderful and does not cause the owner to engage in laborious gardening activities to maintain it. You no longer have to think about mowing the lawn, or weeding, fertilizing or watering it every other day. Also, no matter the heavy foot traffic, extreme weather conditions, or pet waste, it always looks good.

One of the most important advantages of an artificial lawn is that you save quite a lot of time, effort and money when it comes to maintaining it. The only upkeep these areas require is an occasional sweeping to keep the fibers in good standing position and watering it once in a while to wash off the dust and dirt. The life expectancy of the grass is around 25-30 years depending on the usage of the same.

Artificial Synthetic Grass Installation

Lawn Pros Staff Doing Grass Installation

During installation, the original sod is first removed. A landscape fabric is spread over the area to act as a weed barrier. Some crushed rock is next put in the area and then fine sand is spread over it. Finally, synthetic grass is installed at the top.

You can choose from a range of grass types. The artificial turf is available in a range of styles and lengths of grass including infilled and thatched grasses.

The prices vary depending on the type of grass you choose. Synthetic grass is generally sold by the square foot. The amount of preparation required and the prices in general in the area where you live will help determine the price of the artificial turf. The condition of your present lawn is another determining factor in the cost of installation.

Artificial Turf Grass Colorado Springs

Artificial grass has undergone plenty of changes over the last few decades. The fake grass that is available today is not only easy to maintain, it is much closer to real grass in its look and feel. It is also very different from the kinds of synthetic grass that were found earlier. Plenty of research over the past few years has led to the production of synthetic grass that looks and feels every bit natural and real.

At Lawn Pros, we offer every service a Colorado Springs, CO lawn requires to look beautiful and green all through the year.


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