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Artificial Grass Installation Columbine, CO

A lawn can bring value and visual appeal to a yard and create a cozy space to relax and unwind. However, as with most things, the pleasure and beauty come at a cost; it costs in effort, time and money. Artificial synthetic grass is a remarkable alternative to natural grass.

Artificial Grass Columbine CO

The 1960s ushered in the era of synthetic turf grass. Initially, it was designed to be used on football fields and other sporting arenas. It was viewed as a less expensive, low maintenance alternative to real grass; this made it quite attractive to sporting organizations. This is particularly so because once the artificial grass is installed, it eliminates the need to pay for special equipment and manpower. As time passed, its many advantages have made it a popular surface for homes and businesses.

The majority of business owners and home owners are proud of their property and would like it to look and function optimally. The lawn plays an integral role in enhancing both the appearance and comfort of the property. However, if the aim is to effortlessly enjoy the lawn, the best choice is to have synthetic grass installed.

Authentic Appearance and Environmental Impact

Artificial synthetic grass has moved beyond golf courses and football fields to become a common feature in landscaping in Columbine, CO projects. The modern versions of the artificial turf look amazingly similar to the real thing. In some situations, the homeowner has to confess to it being artificial or most guests would think the lawn is real.

Additionally, the popularity of synthetic grass has been steadily increasing and this is largely due to the reputation it has developed for being environmentally friendly. Synthetic turf grass in Columbine, CO does not require mowing, watering or fertilization. Conversely, green velvety lawns are quite taxing on the environment. In dry climates, they are a recipe for environmental disasters. Real lawns also account for one-third of the water used for residential purposes.

In addition, maintaining real lawns involves trimming, blowing and mowing and often use tools powered with gas or electricity. These actions cause air pollution which negatively outweighs the oxygen-producing benefits of real grass. The groundwater can also become polluted by the fertilizer that is used to keep the grass looking healthy. The impact of real grass on the environment has resulted in some cities restricting the size lawns in new building developments.

An outdoor carpet at its finest, artificial synthetic grass directly speaks to the major environmental concerns of actual grass. As previously mentioned, no watering, feeding or mowing is required. Additionally, a number of manufacturers use plastic bottles, old tires and other recycled materials to make the artificial turf.

Aesthetic Value

The aesthetic value of artificial grass cannot be ignored. Synthetic turf is available in an assortment of colors, blade lengths and textures. Additionally, artificial synthetic grass has come a long way in design, color and texture. When professionally installed, it is almost impossible to tell the difference.
Solution for Drought-Prone Locations

Artificial synthetic grass offers an incredible solution for areas that are prone to drought. Locations in which drought is common are often faced with challenges when it comes to keeping the lawn green. The artificial turf will serve as an oasis in dry areas, bringing cheerfulness to otherwise drab surroundings.


Artificial grass can last for decades and continue to look like new. No water, no gophers, no maintenance and no fuss. Getting the synthetic turf installed can be costly; however, it pays for itself in no time and always looks amazing. It is expected to last more than 25 years; this makes it a less pricey alternative to actual over its lifespan.

Artificial Turf Grass Columbine CO

In essence, the main benefits of artificial synthetic grass are:

• Once installed, synthetic grass requires very little maintenance. No watering, feeding or mowing is necessary
• No need for costly weed killers and fertilizers
• You eliminate the expense of operating a lawn mower and the cost of water
• Chemicals are not required to protect or grow the grass; therefore, you are not continuously impacting the environment by boosting pollution levels
• Your days of pulling out weeds will be over
Artificial synthetic grass is durable and the hassles or expense of periodic replanting associated with natural grass will not be required
• Excellent drainage is provided by artificial grass. As such, the turf will dry quickly after it rains or after it has been washed.
• The drainage feature is also an indication that there is no need to worry about puddles that last for days and leave pockets of mud for unsuspecting users to step in.
• An artificial turf is always perfectly manicured; therefore, you will never suffer the embarrassment of unkempt lawn
• The turf will not be damaged when games are played on it

The ideal places for artificial synthetic grass:

• Anywhere you would like to decrease your carbon footprint
• Rooftop gardens that cannot bear the weight of conventional lawns
• Inhospitable areas where real grass cannot grow
• Home putting greens
• Areas used for small pets
• Places in which you would like the look of grass without the utility bills and maintenance costs associated with real grass
• Play areas for kids

Artificial grass can be pricey; however, your investment will be recouped in time through the use of no chemicals. You will also see lower water bills and enjoy less maintenance. To save on cost, you can use synthetic turf in smaller areas and still achieve a great look.

Artificial Grass Installation Columbine CO

Artificial turf is available in a wide array of quality and you typically get what you pay for. For best results, go for an artificial synthetic grass that has a mixture of blended-in brown blades. This will give your lawn a more natural appearance.

Asking your installer for his or her professional recommendations is always a wise decision. You can collaborate with the professionals to choose the best turf. Hiring a professional to install the artificial turf will also provide the best results.