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Artificial Grass Installation Commerce City, CO

Most homeowners do not think of their lawns as an investment, but rather as an arduous, never-ending chore that costs a lot of money but nevertheless results in a few months of glorious summertime beauty. It is the aesthetic they are searching for, rather than a way to maximize their return on investment. Yet there is another way of getting that same great look, and it is one that will permit a homeowner to enjoy the beauty of a vibrant lawn year round. The solution is artificial synthetic grass—just like the stuff that is seen on professional fields all over the world.

Artificial Grass Commerce City CO

The Days of Astroturf Are Long Gone

This is not the same sort of glorified carpet or scratchy plastic bristles that used to represent the state of the art in artificial turf technology. Instead, this is something that is so naturally looking and feeling that you might be tempted to get out your mower and give it a trim if you didn’t know better. Yes, synthetic turf grass now looks and feels that good. The only thing you won’t get out of a new synthetic lawn that you could have with a natural lawn is grass stains on your clothes.

Say Goodbye to Your Weekend Lawn Chores

Of course you are also freed up from the endless lawn care chores and the staggering expenses of keeping a lawn looking beautiful. While one of our new Lawn Pros artificial synthetic grass lawns does cost a little bit more to install in comparison to a traditional lawn, the difference I not that great and the synthetic turf starts paying for itself from the moment the installation is finished. There are no more sprinkler systems to maintain, no more monthly bills for fertilizing and mowing, and no more worrying about whether a harsh winter has destroyed all of the hard work you put in the year before.


Artificial Grass Installation Commerce City

In many ways, the process of installing a new, worry-free synthetic turf lawn is about the same as any other landscaping in Commerce City, CO. The first thing that has to be done is to prepare the site, and this is accomplished in much the same way as one would do if installing regular sod. The area is scraped clean of all obstructions and previous landscape material, then a base of fine gravel is laid down that will enable the new syn turf to drain the same way as a normal lawn would do.

After the base is in place, the actual synthetic turf is rolled out on top of the base and pinned into place with long landscape pins that are installed at very close intervals to ensure that the edges do not peel loose. While this would have been sufficient in the old days, it is not even half of the way in which a modern turf grass installation is secured against coming up. Now that the turf grass is laid smoothly on its bed, a top coating of fine clean sand is introduced and carefully worked down into the “root” area of the surface.

You Can’t Tell The Difference

Once this has been accomplished, the appearance is exactly the same as that of grass blades poking up out of the earth. Improved polymer technology means that your new Lawn Pros synthetic lawn will retain that lush green color for many years. It is not unusual to find homes that have installed artificial synthetic turf and had it remain as enticing as it was on the day it was installed 25 years ago. Just to ensure that everything will remain as it was on the day it was laid down, we offer an 8 year warranty against color fade and workmanship. Considering that new sod lawns are strictly Buyer Beware after the first snow falls, that is actually a substantial protection for your new investment.

Your Lawn Can Pay You

Artificial Lawn Grass Commerce City

When you consider that Lawn Pros can liberate you from all of the upkeep and maintenance costs of grass, it is easy to see how installing artificial sport turf in your home can start instantly paying for itself. Indeed, in most cases, a synthetic lawn grass installation saves enough in equivalent sod installation and maintenance that it pays for itself after about three years. Naturally, all of the savings that accrue after that pay-off date is simply money in the bank. This is how homeowners turn their lawn into investments.

More to the point, all of that substantial cash savings that builds up is not the only advantage. Instead of having just a few months of the year to enjoy your lawn, it is now possible to savor it 365 days a year. It will be as green in November as it is in June. Imagine having your own year-round putting green or soccer pitch to practice on.

Pets Love It

A new Lawn Pros artificial synthetic grass lawn is also as pet friendly as regular grass—perhaps even more so. Just as one would need to do yard patrol in the grass, the same practice will have to be done on a new artificial grass surface. In places where pets do their business, it is not uncommon for natural grass to be seriously damaged, but this will not happen on syn turf. The liquids drain away into the gravel bed underneath, which leaves your lawn looking fresh and beautiful without any of those maddening brown spots that can crop up on even the best-maintained lawns.

Cut Down On Your Water Usage

Anyone who is considering either new or replacement landscaping in Commerce City, CO should really look into the enormous advantages that a new Lawn Pros synthetic grass installation can offer. Not only does it save water and provide hefty cost savings over a traditional lawn, but there are even ways in which synthetic grass landscaping can be used to create imaginative new features that would be impossible to construct and maintain with regular sod. Let us show you the benefits of synthetic grass turf today, and you can start pocketing the savings tomorrow.