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Artificial Grass Installation Englewood, CO

A lawn can transform an outdoor space significantly. The green color of a well-manicured lawn can add life to a landscape that is characterized by paved roads, driveways and footpaths. The lawn will also provide a family with a convenient outdoor space to play, relax, host outdoor parties and exercise among other things. Maintaining a great lawn, however, is not easy. When establishing a lawn, a suitable type of soil must be imported to the ground and grass seeds planted on the ground. Fertilizers must also be added to provide the grass with enough nutrients to grow and thrive. The installer will also need to install an irrigation system for watering the grass. Every once in a while, more fertilizers may need to be added. As the grass grows, mowing must be done on a regular basis to keep the height of the grass at the preferred height, around two inches. Since other types of plants may start growing in the area, weeding will be needed. This can be done by manually uprooting the grass or spraying the lawn with herbicides. To keep pests away from your home, pesticides may also be sprayed onto the lawn.

 Artificial Grass Englewood CO

Benefits of Artificial Synthetic Grass

Installing and maintaining a natural grass lawn can be quite costly. These costs can be attributed to the purchase of fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and gas for the mowing machine, higher water bills due to lawn irrigation and paying for manual weeding. Furthermore, the grass will not survive cold winters, so your yard will look unattractive after the cold winter months. To avoid these costs, consider installing artificial synthetic grass, commonly referred to as grass turf. After installation, turf lawns are practically maintenance free. There is no need of watering, weeding, mowing, addition of fertilizers or use of pesticides and herbicides. While the initial cost of procuring and installing the turf lawn may be high, the investment can be recouped within 5 years from savings attributed to having a maintenance-free lawn. Furthermore, the turf can last up to two decades, but the average lifespan is between 10 to 15 years, depending on use. Lawn Pros offers an 8-year warranty on all artificial grass products, so you can expect a free replacement or repair service if the turf fails to live up to expectations within the warranty period. With natural grass lawns, the lawn must be replaced every couple of years, which adds to the high maintenance cost. The fibers used to make synthetic turf is 100% recyclable, which means the turf grass products supplied by Lawn Pros are Eco-friendly.

Herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers can be detrimental to the health of kids and adults who have asthma, sinusitis and allergies. When the rain falls on the lawn, the water will wash away these chemicals and take them to rivers, lakes, dams and aquifers, thereby polluting the environment. The chemicals will poison marine life and can easily find their way back to your body. For instance, if you eat fish which has lived in contaminated waters, the chemicals will get into your body. Moreover, the fuel used to power lawn mowers will increase your carbon footprint and contribute to global warming. By installing an artificial synthetic grass lawn, you will be contributing to the preservation of the environment.

Turf Grass Installation Process

Artificial Grass Installation in Englewood

Whether you’re installing artificial turf grass on a small area or hundreds of square feet of outdoor space, the installation process must start with clearing of the area. Any existing grass and flowers must be removed, together with the sod. Rocks of different sizes are then arranged on the area, starting with larger pieces of rocks followed by smaller pieces. This layer of crushed rocks can be up to 4 inches thick and must be compacted and smoothed. Once the base is ready, the turf is rolled over the surface. The cost of one square foot of synthetic grass ranges from $2 to $4, exclusive of installation. Since most turf widths are in the range of 15 feet, several pieces may be needed to cover the entire space. The backing of the pieces are usually seamed together to form a secure joint. The next step is to secure the turf lawn on the ground. Once the turf has been laid, 7-inch noncorrosive spikes are used to pin it down to the ground. The pins are driven down the edges of the turf at intervals of 3 feet. An infill material made of sand or rubber crumbs is used to weigh down the turf and act as ballast. A mixture of the two materials can also be used as infill.

Turf Lawn Maintenance

As mentioned earlier synthetic grass lawns do not require any maintenance. However, debris from surrounding trees, such as leaves and twigs should be removed from the synthetic turf on a regular basis. You can expect the artificial grass to retain its original color throughout its life. This is due to a unique technology that protects the fibers and backing from the harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun. The synthetic fibers are also special in that they are resistant to rot, fungus, mildew and any other microorganism that may cause deterioration. If pets urinate on the artificial lawn, all you need to do is spray or pour water on the affected area and the urine will be washed away. Rainwater can also wash away the urine. In case of solid waste from pets, you just need to remove the fecal matter and pour water on the surface as you brush gently. When it rains, you can expect rainwater to drain into the ground since both the backing and the base are fully permeable.

Artificial Synthetic Grass Englewood

Lawn Pros Turf Lawn Products

There are many types of synthetic turf for different applications. If you would like to install the turf on the front yard of your home, all you need to do is visit the Lawn Pros website and check out some of the products on offer. You can also call them directly. The team at Lawn Pros can assess your needs and help you choose the right product.