Artificial Grass Installation Apple Valley, MN

Everybody loves to have a beautiful lawn that gets lots of praise from neighbors and visitors. However, homeowners will have to put a lot of work into theirs to keep things neat the whole year. Not everyone has the time or the inclination to do all these. Fortunately, there are solutions that allow them to have the results they want without having to deal with year-round maintenance. A good example is switching to an artificial lawn. Lawn Pros can help you make this switch when you’re ready. Our company provides landscaping in Apple Valley, MN and nearby areas to help keep the communities green and lovely.

Artificial Grass Installation Apple Valley

Living in Apple Valley, MN

The city of Apple Valley has been recognized by Money Magazine as among the best places to live in within the US. Residents will definitely agree that they have a good thing going here. It is 17.5 square miles of rolling hills with a lot of room for further development. Over 50,000 people call it home with the median income being relatively high. It also has a good system for the children making it a great place to grow up in. Indeed, there are a lot of successful people to come out of this town in various fields. It’s worthwhile to stay and make the home as good as it can be using landscaping services.

The Benefits of Artificial Grass Installation

1. Zero Maintenance

With artificial grass installation Apple Valley residents can enjoy a clean and green lawn throughout the year without having to lift a finger. It’s an ideal setup for people who might be too busy with work and family matters to attend to a lawn’s needs especially if it is quite large. The elderly will particularly like this as the can enjoy a nice outdoor space without having to bend down and trim grass nearly every day. Just pick up the occasional debris and other objects that wander to the area. The difficult maintenance work of watering the grass and cutting the blades are no longer required.

2. Eco-friendly

Using grass turf is a more eco-friendly option compared to growing natural grass if you think of all the resources required to maintain the latter. The water bill for most households can drop by as much as 70% after switching to a synthetic lawn. They also don’t have to bother with any fertilizers, pesticide and herbicides. The family will not have to worry about getting into contact with toxic chemicals. Those with sensitivities can finally breathe a sigh of relief. The children and pets can be allowed to play outside to their heart’s content. There’s no more need to worry about getting dirty if they fall or roll around.

3. Highly Attractive

Synthetic grass landscaping has improved by leaps and bounds over the years. Clients can look forward to a beautiful and natural-looking lawn so fears of an unsightly installation should be put to rest. Passersby will never be able to tell the difference even if they approach the house to admire more closely. Sample images of past projects may be sent for reference. Those who have made the switch are satisfied with the outcome. They will never go back after seeing that beauty and convenience can go hand-in-hand. We install only the best turf grass for homes for excellent results.

Artificial Grass Installation Apple Valley

4. Long-lasting Blades

Another thing to think about is longevity. Anything that you pay for should surely provide you with your money’s worth in terms of quality and durability. Lawn Pros takes this seriously so we use synthetic fibers that are known to be resistant to harmful microorganisms. These can also shrug off ultraviolet radiation making them ideal for outdoor use. There is also a variant composed of 100% recyclable artificial turf for those who wish to create LEED-certified green buildings. Use them for residential lawns or garden roof decks on buildings. They will make a beautiful backdrop that is easy to maintain and will last for many years.

Common Concerns about Synthetic Grass

1. Does the syn turf grass get hot?

Real grass absorbs water from the ground allowing them to cool naturally. Artificial ones do not have the same cooling capacity so they do tend to get hotter in comparison but not by much. For instance, beach sand is much hotter. The same precautions for walking on any hot surface should be observed. Consider this a trade-off to the fact that you no longer need to water the lawn extensively every day unlike before. There is also not a requirement anymore to mow or spray pesticides. If this is a concern, then the heat absorption can be minimized by choosing a lighter shade of green. Areas may be sprayed with water for evaporative cooling during summer.

2. How will pet waste affect the installation?

Households with pets do not have to worry as their furry friends can still run around the lawn if they wish. In case they pee, the liquid will simply go down the drainage holes just like rain or spillage would. Just hose off the area to prevent it from getting a foul odor. As for solid waste, the procedure for cleaning is the same for synthetic and natural lawns. Acting promptly is a good idea to prevent things from sticking to the blades. Anti-odor products can be used to spray around affect spots. Vulnerable spaces such as those around kennels may also get special treatments.

Artificial Grass Installation Apple Valley, MN

3. Why should I pick Lawn Pros?

Our company has been providing landscaping services since 1987. We have nearly three decades of experience to draw from whenever we evaluate projects, proceed with the installation, and provide continuous care. We have selected the best products available for our customers. When people call us for assistance, they can be sure that they are getting the finest quality especially when it comes to artificial grass. Years of research and development have been poured into creating superior fibers. Our installation process has also been polished to provide a natural look and excellent longevity.


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