Artificial Grass Installation Blaine, MN

Nothing enhances curb appeal quite like a beautifully manicured lawn. This is something that a lot of homeowners aspire to have but many never quite come around to achieving it. There are many reasons why it is such a big challenge. Creating a uniform patch around the house is difficult for those who don’t have experience in this kind of project. Even those who manage to get it done often find themselves too busy to maintain what they started. Mowing, watering, spraying, and cleaning the area take up a massive amount of time. Lawn Pros provide services for landscaping in Blaine, MN including the installation of artificial grass to solve all these problems.

Artificial Grass Installation Blaine

Artificial Grass for Blaine, MN

Blaine’s accessibility and proximity to the biggest cities in the state make it an ideal place to live. Here people can get the best of both worlds: simple suburban living and plenty of employment opportunities. There are also lots of sports facilities around town which is great for those who love the active lifestyle. For artificial grass installation Blaine residents can have synthetic grass installed on their lawns to get a stunning result that will continue to stay pristine with little to no effort required. The sports facilities, on the other hand, can use the same technique for their outdoor fields to ensure excellent conditions no matter the season.

The Benefits of Artificial Grass Installation

1. No Maintenance Required

One of the most challenging aspects of having a natural lawn is the amount of work and time that you have to put in to keep things looking great. The grass is always growing such that you need to cut the blades down every couple of days sometimes. They need to be watered every day to stay green and healthy. If pests make their way to the area, then chemicals have to be sprayed to neutralize them. It’s just too much for a person who already has a lot of things on his or her plate. Synthetic grass installations are such a boon for these individuals as they do not need all of this attention.

2. Good for the Environment

Synthetics are also better for the environment as they do not guzzle countless gallons of water every day. The household can conserve resources and save on utility bills. This can be a significant sum considering that 70% of water usage typically goes to lawn care. In addition, this type of installation will not just shrug off pests and any microorganisms. There will be no more need to use chemicals to kill unwanted biological agents around the premises. This should be relief for homes with small children and pets who love to run around outdoors. They can play without any danger of contact with toxic substances.

3. Natural Beautiful Look

Those who never tried artificial grass before are often worried about what the final outcome might look like. They fear that it won’t be as beautiful as the real things and that people will quickly spot the difference. There is no need to be anxious as there is nearly no difference in terms of appearance between the two. The best ones actually look natural thanks to their fibers so you wouldn’t know it was syn turf unless you bend down and examined it closely. Passersby will not have any clue. All they know is that you have an enviable lawn that they probably wish they could emulate.

4. Excellent Longevity

When you spend for any project, you want to get great results from it including excellent return on investment. Artificial grass does this both for residential and commercial installations. Lawn Pros provide a limited 8-year warranty but things can last as much as 25 years in some cases. By then, the technology has probably advanced to the point where you would want to replace the grass for an upgrade. This longevity is important in artificial sports turf where athletes run around the whole day for games and practice sessions. The fields will be able to take the abuse. They will not fade due to UV light either unlike the turf form other companies.

Artificial Grass Installation Blaine

Syn Turf Grass and Heat

One thing that real grass has going for it is a natural cooling mechanism. Its water content prevents it from overheating even at the peak of summer. Of course, synthetic turf doesn’t have this and so it tends to get hotter midday. It can get uncomfortable walking with bare feet on them so take appropriate precautions. However, there have been no reports of anyone getting harmed in any serious way because of it. The best way to cool things down is to spray water around the lawn. This will bring instant relief around the area. Repeat as necessary. It’s a small price to pay for all of the benefits provided by this setup.

Removing Pet Waste

Pets love lawns as they can run around with wild abandon which is something that they cannot do when inside the house. They play with each other once they are let out and children often join the fun. They could, for example, be persuaded to catch Frisbees for rewards and other activities. They are probably going to leave waste around the area so it is best to anticipate this. Odor removal products can be sprayed once these have been cleaned. For urine, just spray with water and let things flush out through the drains. For solid waste, clean it how you normally would with extraction and disposal.

Lawn Pros is Ready to Help

Artificial Grass Installation Blainec

Feel free to contact Lawn Pros for landscaping in Blaine, MN. The company is among the leaders in this industry with three decades of serve to the community. Our longevity is a testament to our quality of service. Clients remain loyal to use because they always come away satisfied with the products and assistance that we provide. In particular, we make sure that we have superior artificial grass compared to competitors so that clients can have a rewarding experience after switching to this setup.


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