Artificial Grass Installation Coon Rapids, MN

The lawn is the first thing people seen when they pass by a house. Even before they get inside, they would have already formed an impression of the property and the people living there based on this patch of land. Make sure that it’s a good one by taking care of yours.

Of course, this is easier said than done. Lawns demand a lot of time and attention every single day. Not everyone can maintain theirs with solid consistency. And perhaps they don’t have to. People can switch to artificial grass in order to get the pristine look they want without having to put much effort in. Lawn Pros offers landscaping in Coon Rapids, MN including the installation of synthetic grass.

Artificial Grass Installation Coon Rapids

Artificial Grass for Coon Rapids, MN

This suburb has always been a good balance of industry and natural beauty. The presence of lakes around the city as well as a regional park provides residents with convenient ways to relax in nature. This way of life in something that the locals cherish and many have seen to it that their homes offer a green environment for the family as well. This can be real or synthetic grass depending on the preferences of the homeowner. Whatever the choice may be, Lawn Pros is here to make it happen. We offer excellent quality products and installation services for the residents of Coon Rapids and nearby areas.

The Trend of Having Artificial Grass Installation

1. No Sweat Maintenance

The most difficult thing about having a lawn is that you need to work on it every single day to keep things looking fresh and clean. The grass will keep on growing so you have to trim it from time to time. It can wilt if doesn’t get water so you have to sprinkle on a daily basis, especially in the summer. Fertilizers may need to be used if things are having trouble growing. Pesticides are sprayed if insects are eating the grass. Many simply cannot dedicate enough time to do all these things for an extended period. Synthetics are nowhere near as demanding and can be left alone for the most part without incident.

2. The Greener Option

Going the artificial route not only saves time but also precious resources. For instance, you will not need to keep watering the grass since things will remain green and vibrant without it. Perhaps an occasional wash would be nice and that’s about it. Households can reduce up to 70% of their water consumption after making the switch. It’s good for the environment and it’s great for the household budget. Fertilizers, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals are also things of the past. Families no longer have to fear their possible toxic effects. Children and pets may be allowed to play on the lawn without worries.

3. Life-like Appearance

Some people might be cautious about the possible appearance of synthetic turf. They want a lawn that looks natural and feels like the real thing as well. These were exactly the goals of the team that developed the synthetic fibers. The quality is so high that they are almost indistinguishable from actual grass blades. Clients will not be disappointed when they see the results of the installation. Check out the gallery of past projects to see how good things look afterwards. It is also possible to inspect samples up-close for a better appreciation of the product. These are available in various shades of green.

Artificial Grass Coon Rapids

4. Grass that Lasts

Anything that is placed outdoors will have to contend with the elements. This includes ultra violet radiation which is responsible for making colors fade and hastening material degradation. Lawn Pros offer grass that is resistant to the effects of UV light. It will not fade as easily as other products. It’s water resistant as well so it will not rot despite getting soaked in heavy rains. In fact, this comes with a lengthy warranty that assures clients that they will be getting their money’s worth. The new lawn can last a decade or two if cared for properly.

Lawn Care in the Heat

Syn turf grass can take the sun’s harshest rays in stride. The blades will not suffer from it, though they can get quite hot. Natural grass has the advantage of having water content inside which saves it from excessive heat. Artificial ones don’t have a built-in cooling mechanism but homeowners can help them by spraying water around the area. As the water evaporates, the surface temperature will decrease. This simple solution will keep things cool and comfortable for those who would like to stay outdoors. Just remember to wear proper footwear if you need to walk across the lawn.

Pet Waste Disposal

It’s nice to see pets running around the lawn as it means they’re happy and healthy. Owners can play with them on lazy afternoons have a great time. It’s not always fun and game, though. Pets will leave their waste on the ground and leave you to clean up the mess. The good news is that this shouldn’t be an issue with artificial grass. Urine can be washed off by splashing water onto the spot. This will drain out to the bottom into the disposal system. Poop can be removed in the same way as you would on normal grass. Wash the spot with water and use a deodorizer.

Artificial Grass Installation Coon Rapids MN

Lawn Pros at Your Service

When it comes to artificial grass installation Coon Rapids can depend on Lawn Pros to provide the best service in the city. Make the switch to free up your time for the family and other activities. Get a lawn that stays green without using excessive water or chemical fertilizers. You will have an outdoor space that is always ready for any activity — no preparation required. Feel free to call our hotline for all your questions. We’ll provide the answers you need and give a quote for the project. We can also do additional landscaping work to unlock your lawn’s full potential. Call us now!


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