Artificial Grass Installation Eden Prairie, MN

Gorgeous lawns certainly enhance any property’s curb appeal. They help increase the value of a house and make the inhabitants feel better about the place, especially when the neighbors shower them with praise. Alas, even the best beginnings are difficult to sustain. Homeowners become preoccupied with other pressing matters and the lawn takes a back seat. It’s an all too common refrain because of the amount of work needed to maintain such a setup. The good news is that this isn’t the only path available. Lawn Pros offers landscaping in Eden Prairie, MN with residents able to switch to artificial grass if they are so inclined.

 Artificial Grass Eden Prairie

Artificial Grass for Eden Prairie, MN

A passion for the outdoors is ingrained in the people of this city. One cannot help but appreciate nature when you live here given all of the lakes, ponds, parks, trails, and open spaces available to explore. This sleepy town was able to develop into an economic powerhouse in its own right while taking care of the environment — quite an achievement for the locals. It is no surprise then that these very same people love to take care of their lawns to keep their own places clean and green. Artificial turf grass lets everyone do this in a more convenient manner than ever before.

Why People are Opting for Artificial Grass Installation

1. Minimal Upkeep

Perhaps the best thing about opting for artificial grass is the low amount of upkeep necessary to keep it going. Unlike the real ones, this does not need to be watered all the time to survive. The pests will not eat it up so chemicals are not required for termination. The blades will not grow and therefore you will never have to mow the lawn ever again. That’s a lot of man hours saved throughout the year. Instead of caring for the perimeter of the house, the time can be spent caring for the family that truly needs and appreciates it more.

2. Environmental Benefits

Water is a precious resource that we need to use wisely. Lawns are among the biggest consumers of water in residential properties accounting to about 70% of the total usage. That’s a large piece of the pie. By using synthetic grass, this can be mostly done away with. Imagine all the gallons of water and the thousands of dollars saved. Just a period wash will do which doesn’t have to be anywhere as frequent as it normally would be. Harmful chemicals used as fertilizer and pesticide no longer have to be applied so the area is much safer for pets and kids of all ages to enjoy.

3. Natural Beauty

Artificial Grass Installation Eden Prairie

If you are wary about going the artificial route, then be assured that there are very little trade-offs with this decision. There are certainly no issues when it comes to aesthetics. Lawn Pros use high quality turf with fibers that were developed to mimic the look and feel of real blades. It appears just like natural grass from any distance. Neighbors will not know the difference unless you tell them about it. You get the stunning lawn you’ve always dreamed about without having to work so hard to keep it pretty. When it comes to artificial grass installation Eden Prairie residents really have nothing to worry about.

4. Excellent Longevity

The products we carry are sure to last. We back up this claim with an 8-year warranty which ensures that you get your money’s worth. You will be amazed at how well artificial grass holds up to the challenges of time. If you have tried syn turf grass from other companies and were disappointed, then switch over to Lawn Pros and be blown away by the results. Our clients are certainly happy with the way their lawns turned out after installation. More importantly, they continue to enjoy what they have several years after. These can even last for a couple of decades with normal use.

Syn Turf Grass and Heat

If there is one advantage that real grass has, then it would be its in-built cooling system. The roots absorb water from the ground which circulates throughout the blades. This keeps everything cool under the sun. It’s part of the reason why the plant can remain green and healthy despite all-day exposure to heat. Synthetics do not have this kind of system to fall back on so homeowner will need to assist them. On hot days, spray water across the lawn to alleviate the heat. This will allow people to walk across them without getting uncomfortable. Of course, precautions should still be taken such as the use of footwear.

Pet Waste Disposal

Among the best things about having a spacious lawn is that there’s a lot of room to run around in. The pets make the most out of this whenever they are allowed to go out of the house. They go back and forth. They roll round and round. They play with objects they encounter along the way. Of course, they also pee and poop rather indiscriminately sometimes. Pee should not be a cause for concern. Find the spot and wash it off with water that will go down the drains underneath. Simple and easy. As for poop, simply scoop it up as you normally would with your tools for disposal. Then wash the area and use odor neutralizers.

Artificial Grass Installation Eden Prairie, MN

Lawn Pros at Your Service

Eden Prairie is such a great place to live in. Most residents intend to stay longer given the quality of life in the city. If you agree, then you should make your home as conducive to your needs as possible. A beautiful lawn provides a nice outdoor space for various activities. Converting it to synthetic grass ensures that it remains as lovely as it was first installed without much effort. Lawn Pros offers high quality artificial grass for residential projects that will last for many years. Call us today for all of your questions and we will be glad to answer each one.


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