Artificial Grass Installation Greenwood Village, CO

If you are like most homeowners who live in Greenwood Village, you want your property and your house to maintain a beautiful and attractive appearance. People in this thriving suburb of Denver may be surprised to discover that one of the best ways to accomplish this is to install artificial synthetic grass around the exterior of your home.

 Artificial Grass Installation Greenwood Village

This is particularly true if you are not pleased with having to maintain natural grass or if you are unhappy with its appearance. However, you may be a bit skeptical about synthetic grass landscaping. If this is the case, it is probably because you remember the artificial grass of years gone by, and are not enthused about its appearance. Fortunately, you will be pleased to find that the types of synthetic turf available on today’s market are far superior to the Astroturf of yesteryear. Even though you may be reluctant to install fake grass around your home, it is in your best interest to discover the many benefits of turf lawns before making a final decision.

Better than Natural Grass

In many ways, synthetic turf grass is a better alternative than its natural counterpart. There is a variety of reasons for this, including environmental factors, appearance and maintenance factors. For instance, a synthetic lawn is associated with a greatly reduced level of maintenance when compared with natural grass. If you are like most consumers, each year you must get out pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers, or hire a professional to treat your lawn and keep it disease-free and beautiful. These tasks are completely eliminated when you invest in the best artificial turf. As you may have already suspected, you are also free from chores such as mowing and watering.

In addition, after investing in artificial synthetic grass, you can stop worrying about animals or children tracking mud and dirt into your home or tearing up the lawn. Although it is not indestructible, it can take much more abuse than natural grass without any change in its appearance.

 Artificial Turf Installation Greenwood Village
An Environmentally-Friendly Choice

Like most individuals, you are probably concerned to some degree about your carbon footprint and the impact of your decisions on the environment. In many cases, people have a tendency to think that all-natural options are automatically best, and are guaranteed to help the environment more than anything that is man-made or artificial. Nevertheless, most lawn experts agree that the environment benefits more from today’s modern synthetic artificial grass lawns than it does from natural grass.

For example, consider the water crisis that is often in the news in various areas of the country. In certain instances, droughts last long enough for local governments to step in and actually ban lawn watering until the drought is over. If you must constantly water your lawn in order to keep your grass healthy, you are likely using a significant amount of water each summer. With synthetic lawn turf, watering is unnecessary, and therefore you can have a substantial impact on water usage on a yearly basis. Similarly, fertilizers and pesticides are unnecessary with turf grass, which also goes a long way toward protecting the environment.

Synthetic Turf Grass From Lawn Pros Greenwood Village

Greenwood Village Home

Not all artificial synthetic grass boasts the same quality, and for this reason it is essential to conduct business with a reputable and experienced company. Lawn Pros has manufactured high quality artificial lawns for homes for almost 30 years and all the products they offer to clients have been extensively tested for stability, longevity and wear resistance. Additionally, all Lawn Pros products are free of lead, which is not always the case with artificial grass.

Artificial Grass Options

Lawn Pros is a provider of many different types of artificial grass with something to suit every budget and preference. Most synthetic artificial grass for lawns are numbered according to their density or thickness. The highest numbers correspond with the thickest types of artificial grass and the one selected depends on a variety of factors. These include cost, personal preferences and other factors that a helpful representative can discuss with you when you are ready for synthetic lawn grass installation.

Turf Grass Installation

After contacting Lawn Pros to have your synthetic turf installed, you may have some questions about the process. In reality, it is not as complicated as it may at first seem. The professionals from Lawn Pros will typically begin by taking out the existing sod and then creating a compacted base comprised of crushed rock. The base is smooth and level, making the perfect foundation on which to roll out the artificial synthetic grass you have selected. After this, the synthetic lawn is usually sprayed with infill material, which coats the artificial turf from top to bottom.

Additional Considerations

Fortunately, the artificial turf products offered today far exceed the quality and cost-effectiveness of the synthetic grass that was first introduced to the market over 40 years ago. Today’s artificial lawns are made from recycled rubber granules, sand, or sometimes a combination of both. This blend of material creates a perfected product to simulate the appearance of a beautiful lawn. In most cases, it is challenging to differentiate artificial synthetic grass from natural turf.

The end result of your synthetic lawn grass installation is a more attractive lawn and property and the need for much less maintenance than is associated with natural grass. In addition, you are helping the environment by using less water and eliminating the need for fertilizers and pest sites.
If you have pets, you will be pleased to know that synthetic turf grass for dogs and cats is safe and non-toxic. Animals will not try to eat such products, as they are not appealing to their taste buds. However, certain dog breeds may try to dig such grass as they do with natural turf, but the grass will likely not be damaged very much by your dog unless you allow him or her to dig excessively.

The artificial grass products made by Lawn Pros are manufactured in America and a warranty with each purchase is provided. For this reason, if you are considering investing in artificial synthetic grass, contact a representative at Lawn Pros today who can give you more information about the different types of artificial grass for which you can choose to create a beautiful and maintenance-free lawn.


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