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Artificial Grass Installation Highlands Ranch, CO

Artificial synthetic grass in Highlands Ranch, Colorado offers a natural-looking, stunning and abundant lawn throughout the year. Best of all, no lawn maintenance is required. Located in Douglas County, Colorado, Highlands Ranch has a population of roughly 97,000. This suburb is situated 12 miles south of Denver and offers opportunities for a healthy, active lifestyle and an overall superb quality of life.

 Artificial Grass Installation Highlands Ranch

A perfectly manicured lawn can boost the curb appeal of your home in a significant way. In addition, having grass in the backyard makes the space more relaxing and more conducive to entertaining family and friends. However, natural grass lawns can take a lot of time and money to maintain. Additionally, some of the techniques used to keep natural grass looking its greenest could be damaging to the environment. Below are some of the reasons homeowners choose artificial synthetic grass for landscaping in Highlands Ranch, CO:

Environmentally Easy

Synthetic turf grass is a product of the United States and it is environmentally friendly, which helps you to lessen your carbon footprint. You water bill could be decreased as much as 70% if you opt for a synthetic artificial grass lawn. Additionally, no pesticide, herbicide or fertilizer is required for turf grass. These chemicals are harmful to the environment and could also be irritating to the nose, throat and eyes. Furthermore, by not having to mow the lawn, you will save fossil fuels and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Minimal Maintenance

To keep the artificial synthetic grass looking its best, you can sweep it occasionally. This will ‘fluff up’ the grass fibers and get them back to an upright position. The grass can also be hosed off intermittently to get rid of dust and pet urine. Leaves, twigs and other debris can be removed easily with a rake or leaf blower.

Dependable Drainage

With artificial synthetic grass, the drainage system closely resembles that of natural grass. The artificial turf has perforated holes in its backing, which enables the drainage of water into the base underneath the synthetic grass. Depending on required permeability, different applications use different crushed rock blends.

Players’ Paradise

By using artificial synthetic grass in your yard, you and your family and friends can enjoy a safe and harmless environment. The surface will also be a hit with your children as they would be allowed to play unrestrictedly, with no worry about the lawn being damaged or dirt being tracked inside the house.

Practical for Pets

Dog On Artificial Grass

Dogs think artificial synthetic grass is real and they love it. Additionally, dog urine is not a problem because it flushes through the drainage holes in the turf when it rains or when you hose it off. You get rid of solid waste just like you would on natural grass. Another great feature of synthetic turf is that it will not stain. Artificial turf designed for doggy daycare facilities, dog kennels and other heavy usage areas use a special aggregate blend for the base of the synthetic grass.

Frees up Fun Times

In addition, with all the responsibilities homeowners have these days, artificial grass save time and money on lawn maintenance. The time that would be spent maintaining the lawn could be more wisely used playing with your children or setting up a romantic backyard picnic for you and your spouse. That time could also be spent relaxing and unwinding from the stress associated with handling daily responsibilities.

Deterioration Defiant

The synthetic fibers of artificial turf grass are also resistant to deterioration from microorganisms, mildew, rot and fungus. Additionally, there is a patent-pending technology that safeguards against ultraviolet radiation.

Long-lasting Lushness

Synthetic turf grass will have the look and feel of real grass all throughout the year. Go for high-quality turf grass to get the best results for your yard. Additionally, artificial grass will last between 10 and 25 years, depending on how it is used. In addition, many of them are available with an 8-year warranty.

Ingenious Turf Grass Installation

 Artificial Turf Installation Highlands Ranch

The installation process involves the removal of existing sod and the creation of a base with a unique blend of crushed rock. The ground is then smoothed and compacted, followed by the synthetic turf being rolled onto the prepared surface. The next step involves the application of the infill material. A fertilizer spreader is used to apply the infill to the top of the grass; the material is then brushed to the base of the turf grass. The amount and type of the infill will be determined by the type of use and the type of grass product chosen. The infill is typically rubber crumb, sand or a combination of both materials.

Pinned in Place

In addition to the infill material that is brushed into the bottom of the grass to act as a ballast and weigh down the artificial turf, 7-inch non-corrosive spikes are used to pin down the edges of the turf. For maximum effectiveness, these spikes are spaced roughly 3 feet apart.

Fight against Fading

There are artificial grass fibers with built-in UV inhibitors that safeguards against fading. The UV inhibitors are mixed into the yarn or fiber resin and there is sufficient UV protection to prevent the premature breaking down of the fibers. For best results, choose an artificial synthetic grass that is made in the United States from the highest quality materials.

There are energy efficient windows which could produce magnified reflections that melt the synthetic turf if it is in its direct path. The magnification from some of these windows is so potent that kiddie pools, sprinkler heads and other plastic tools and accessories can be melted by it. Having the windows tinted is typically a sufficient means of remedying this problem.

Alternative Applications

Artificial synthetic grass can also be used on home putting greens, rooftop gardens and areas in which grass cannot thrive.

These are some of the many benefits that can be derived from having artificial synthetic grass installed on your business or residential property. Getting the artificial turf installed by professionals will give you the best results.