Artificial Grass Installation Hopkins, MN

From weekend block parties with friends to evenings spent dancing to live music at Downtown Park, Hopkins, MN is a friendly little place to call home. Complete with plenty of city charm, lush lawns and the perfect blend of down-home appeal… you would be hard pressed to find a better or more beautiful space to settle down, raise a family and “do life”. Whether you prefer to spend your free time home away from home at the Shady Oaks Beach or analyzing masterpieces at the local art center, nothing can measure up to coming back to your home sweet home and soaking up the beauty of your own backyard.

Artificial Grass Hopkins

If your lawn is lackluster or if you are simply sick and tired of trying to keep up with the Jones’, you may have a bit of a love hate relationship with your backyard. We get it. Honest. Taking care of a natural lawn can be a lot of hard work, leaving you with little time to truly enjoy your yard, your family and your weekend away from work. Artificial grass can help you take back your lawn and your life without any of the hassles that come with maintaining real grass. Here at Lawn Pros, the artificial grass installation Hopkins loves best, we know that your yard is special to you because of the memories that you make in it.

Here are 6 reasons why going faux can improve your lawn and your life, all while giving you more free time to make all those memories you never want to miss out on…

A Synthetic Lawn Requires No Upkeep.

Say goodbye to your mower and your weed-whacker… and say hello to the new normal. Nobody likes to get up early on a Saturday to beat the summer sun, crank up the lawnmower and spend their hard earned weekend cutting the grass. What’s the fun in that? Turf lawns allow you to stop worrying about the grass getting higher and the weeds getting out of control. Not only does that save you a lot of unnecessary time working when you would rather be resting but it also saves you a lot of money. No more filling up the lawnmower with gas or cutting half the lawn to realize that you need to head to the gas station for more fuel. With artificial spot turf, the grass takes care of itself so you can take care of all the other one million and one things you would rather be doing.
Artificial Grass Is Beautiful Year Round.

Summer welcomes the return of lush, green lawns and the kind of beauty that you see in photographs. However, fall and winter bring back the return of the ugly, patchy lawn that makes you glad to be indoors. Artificial turf stays beautiful year round, creating the perfect backdrop to those changing autumn leaves and enchanting winter lights. When your lawn is gorgeous year round, you just might find that you spend a lot more time drinking cocoa on the front porch… and not cooped up on the stuffy card table in the den.

Artificial Grass Installation Hopkins
Turf Lawns Are Hypoallergenic and Can Help to Reduce Allergens.

If you have a family member who suffers from allergies, asthma or other respiratory illnesses then you already know that just one trip outdoors can bring on the kind of wheezes and sneezes that last for days. The artificial grass installation Hopkins trusts can help you to decrease allergens in your yard through the help of vibrant green turf and landscaping that includes plenty of beautiful filtering plants that make the air you breathe cleaner and healthier for your entire family.
Artificial Grass and Landscaping Are Good For Your Health.

Science has proven that people looking at nature have better blood pressure readings, resting heart rates and breathing rates than those who aren’t. In a world where we stay so busy at the office and glued to our work even at home thanks to devices that follow us everywhere… this is a really big perk of keeping your lawn looking beautiful and lively. When your lawn is green year round and your landscaping invites you to look out the window, you just might spend a lot less time in the doctor’s office and a lot more time relaxing. Win/win.
Turf Prevents Puddles and Saves Your Soles.

Artificial turf is a great way to prevent yard puddling that can turn your beautiful lawn into a marshy swampland. Not only is this an unsightly problem but it is also incredibly inviting for little feet and new shoes. After all, it is just so hard to resist jumping in that puddle… especially in your church clothes. Kids may love rainy day puddles but moms and dads are not quite as fond of them. Do not jump and dodge mud puddles trying to make it to the Subaru. Instead, remake your lawn by nixing puddles before they start. Turf can keep you and your family happy – keeping the puddles at bay and providing a green, dry space for all your little ones’ many adventures.
Turf Can Save You Money.

Lawnmowers and other lawn equipment are notorious for breaking down… and in the middle of spring and summer no doubt. Add on fertilizer, weeding products, gas or electricity and you have a recipe for a pretty costly green season. Instead of wasting your money on grass that will always keep growing and growing, get off the hamster wheel and go turf. Use the money that it saves you on something you will actually enjoy… like anything OTHER than lawn care.

Artificial Grass Installation Hopkins MN
Hopkins is a lovely place to spend a long weekend but an even more lovely place to spend your life. When you take the time to invest in your home’s yard, your yard will pay you back tenfold in memories that last a lifetime and the kind of laughter that just cannot happen while cooped up indoors. To learn more about professional landscaping in Hopkins, MN contact Lawn Pros today. We look forward to helping you make your beautiful little corner of Hopkins… even more beautiful.


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