Artificial Grass Installation Ken Caryl, CO

Artificial synthetic grass, also known as grass turfs, are not only for sports arenas. They are now gaining popularity in homes and landscaped properties. A velvety green sight provides a relaxing view to anyone and your home should be the most relaxing place in the world, don’t you agree? If you have kids or pets, a lovely green backyard is a must for them to run around and play. Weekends can be so much fun if you have a green backyard. You can have a picnic during lunch and do a little stargazing in the evening. Barbecue parties are better when you have a charming green lawn in your home.

Artificial Grass Installation Ken Caryl
What is an Artificial Turf?
An artificial turf is composed of artificial fibers made to look like real grass. They are mostly installed in indoor arenas when grass fields are needed but there is no direct sunlight to keep them healthy. In addition, artificial turf can take on the pressure compared to natural grass even if they are played on constantly. They preferred for their little to no maintenance and their being more favorable to the environment.

Why Use Artificial Grass Instead of Real Grass?

I. Synthetic Lawns are More Cost Effective than Live Lawns
One of the main reasons why homeowners prefer to install artificial synthetic grass is that it is low maintenance compared to real ones. Turf lawns do not need to be watered, therefore, you save on your monthly water bill to as much as 70 percent. If you live in an area with dry climate, you will understand how costly it is to maintain a velvety green lawn.

Real grass also need fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides in order to thrive healthily, whereas, artificial synthetic grass do not need any of these. They also leave little to no carbon footprints so they are healthier for the environment.

Added to that, real grass needs trimming, mowing and blowing. That means you need to have equipment such as a lawn mower, grass cutter or blower in order to maintain a real lawn. In addition, these electric and gas powered tools also pollute the environment so it is an added burden to maintaining a healthy lawn.

Due to the arising environmental issues, some states and municipalities limit the area of grass lawns. If you live in such area and you dream of having wider lawns, the solution is definitely artificial grass for lawns.

II. Health Issues with Real Grass

For those who are allergic to grass or has seasonal allergic rhinitis, it is better to install artificial grass for lawns. This way, whoever has the allergy can roam freely in the backyard and play in the grass without having to worry about watery eyes, runny nose and sneezing. Some easily develop urticarial or contact dermatitis when their skin is exposed to grass. What better way to avoid these discomforts than by turf grass installation?

III. Synthetic Turf Grass for Dogs

Are you a pet owner? Do you have furry friends in the house? Did you know that there are different types of turf? In fact, there are grass turf made especially for dogs. Dogs should get their regular run in order to stay healthy. A pet-friendly artificial synthetic grass lessens any allergy or irritation to chemicals such as pesticides. It also lets your dog run freely in the backyard without you having to worry about dirty paws when they enter the house.

Worried about Rain and Standing Water?

There is no need to be. Artificial synthetic grass usually comes with specialized sub-base that are permeable enough to drain standing water to as much as 12 inches in an hour. Another alternative is to add crushed stones in the ground before turf grass installation. This prevents a muddy softer soil especially if it has high clay concentrate.

Sand Infill for Artificial Synthetic Grass

You might be wondering why it is encouraged to spread sand on your artificial grass synthetic lawn turf. Aside from making it appear real, sand infill keeps the grass blades standing upright. There are many types of synthetic surf and they vary in length. If you have the long blade type of turf grass, sand infill maintains the blade’s upright position. It also helps weigh down the turf so it does not move constantly. If the grass turf is weighed down, there is lesser chance that it would be wrinkled or folded.

Lawn Pros staff placing the fill

Some sand infills have anti-microbial property so it is actually advantageous to use it. You do not have to worry about sand sticking on your pets or kids or being displaced from grass turfs. Fibers prevent them from doing so. Even a leaf blower can be used in the artificial grass lawn without having to worry about sand being blown too.

Since the sand infill is made up of acrylic or black crumb rubber material, weeds cannot grow. It does not absorb water either so your lawn dries perfectly well.

Is Artificial Synthetic Grass Worth the Price?

While it is true that the best synthetic turf grass can be expensive, it is still worth it because you do not have to spend monthly on water, fertilizer, pesticides, and mowing. A synthetic lawn looks immaculately green and authentic, people will not be able to tell the difference at all even if they take off their shoes and walk on it.

Our men doing Artificial Grass Installation

If you are looking for a company that can do synthetic lawn grass installation in Colorado, contact Lawn Pros now. We are a full service lawn company offering landscaping in Ken Caryl, CO. Aside from synthetic lawn grass installation, we also perform sprinkler installation, grass cutting, weeding, and hedge trimming. We have competent and experienced staff members who can do the job at a reasonable price. Landscaping is a breeze with

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