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Landscaping is an important part of beautifying any property – residential or commercial. It is also an important part of the aesthetic appeal that Monument, Colorado homes and properties have become known for. Good landscaping combines a host of different elements and features, starting of course with creativity. Such elements and features include manipulating terrain, flora or fauna, and constructing or building structures to create a more beautiful outdoor living environment.

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Well manicured lawns in particular help to add texture and attractiveness to the overall appeal of any landscape. Of course, well kept lawns represent the most common landscaping feature there is. Lawns are a particularly popular option for single family homes, apartment complexes and other types of residential properties in general. This is especially true when compared with business complexes that are more likely to feature high-rise buildings, and constructed landscaping features like fountains and statues that help to add beauty versus having lawns.

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Living in such a beautiful part of the country, MonumentColorado, it is hardly surprising that paying attention to maintaining beautifully manicured lawns is a landscaping feature. Still, just as is the case with the rest of the country, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain beautiful lawns as persons and their families are leading increasingly busy lifestyles. Add to this, the fact that it really does require a lot of energy and time to be able to maintain grass the way one ought to in order to maintain attractive lawns and you will quickly begin to see the challenges that can arise. This reality remains true even when one is able to hire gardeners or other professionals to handle most of the work. This is where the use of artificial synthetic grass can come in handy.

Opting For A Synthetic Artificial Grass Lawn

Artificial or synthetic grass lawn (or turf) is a viable landscaping option for a myriad of reasons. For starters, synthetic turf grass is very low maintenance when compared with maintaining a lawn comprising of live grass. The low maintenance properties of artificial synthetic grass means no longer needing to water, mow or fertilize the lawn. In some ways, this is eco-friendly and can save families costs in bills as live grass lawns can become environmentally disastrous in very dry climates, and can alone account for up to up to one-third of the total cost of residential water costs. In addition to the aforementioned benefits of low maintenance, reduced bills and being environmentally friendly, it is important to note that some synthetic turf manufacturers use recyclable material such as plastic and old tires to make the turf, further easing the burden on the environment.


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To Pay Or Not To Pay: Getting Value For Money With A Synthetic Turf Installation

For some, the idea of having artificial turf installed in their yards can be daunting for a number of reasons. For starters, even with relatively low maintenance necessary (when compared with live grass), many are unsure of what to truly expect and are somewhat concerned that they will not be able to give it what little maintenance it needs. These are normal concerns that arise whenever one decides to do something new or differently, and they can easily be put to rest. In addition to some maintenance concerns, synthetic lawns are more expensive at the point of installation than live grass. This too is to be expected. However, although more expensive at the onset, artificial synthetic grass pays for itself over and over again as time goes by. After all, the useful life of a synthetic turf installation can extend up to some 25 years.

In addition to the big benefits of long-term cost effectiveness and practicality, artificial synthetic grass does much for landscaping in Monument CO generally. The aesthetic value of synthetic turf simply cannot be ignored. artificial synthetic grass lays like a carpet after being installed in any lawn. Add to this the fact that there are a wide variety of options you can choose from when opting for synthetic grass to shape the perfect lawn for you, and you will quickly being to see why synthetic turf can help you turn your home into a landscaper’s dream.

If you are worried about whether or not artificial synthetic grass will look fake, you need not worry at all. The new generation of synthetic grass look amazingly real. There are lots of different colors and shades of green, as well as varying blade lengths and textures/strands available for you to choose from. As such, you can install a synthetic turf that is as true to life as possible and matching the styles and designs you so desire. Additionally, if you have dogs or children, you will find the artificial grass synthetic lawn turf to be particularly useful. There will be no mud for you to contend with when it rains and children and visitors and your beloved pooches make their way from the lawn into the house.

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With the sort of flexibilities afforded by synthetic grass, one has no reason to not switch to artificial synthetic grass. When you decide to make the switch and choose artificial synthetic grass as a part of your landscaping in Monument home beautification options, then hiring our Monument CO, synthetic turf grass services will be the best thing you do for your home’s landscaping this year. We offer a host of services from installation to maintenance.

Our synthetic turf comes complete with an eight year warranty. Still, our installations are expected to be able to last up to the 25-year maximum. We are able to make installations of varying sizes anywhere around your home – as you desire. There is no need to worry about the sun’s rays, rain or any other weather elements destroying your artificial synthetic grass. Our synthetic grass has fibers with built in UV inhibitors to protect it. Costs are more than affordable at US$2.50 to US$4.00 per square foot (excluding the cost of installation). Contact us today to talk to a member of our qualified staff about getting you the best artificial synthetic grass for your landscaping in Monument, CO project.