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Artificial Grass Installation Wheat Ridge, CO

A green yard is something that nearly every homeowner and some business owns look for. Getting that result can be challenging to say the least. Weather conditions, water sources and time management make it hard to attain the beautiful level of even green throughout. Artificial synthetic grass can easily be installed in your Wheat Ridge, CO home or business property. When you are not enjoying a walk through Clear Creek Trail you will want to be able to enjoy your own outdoor space.

Beautiful Wheat Ridge, CO

Artificial Grass Installation on Wheat Ridge lawn

Established in 1969, Wheat Ridge, CO is located west of Denver and currently holds a population of approximately 30,166 residents. Although the area is considered to be a suburb community it is rooted in agriculture with a number of ranches nearby. With water being less than easy to come by in the area, keeping a well maintained grassy yard can be difficult. Young families with growing children, pet owners and even business owners look for the green grass that will complete the look and feel of their property. This doesn’t have to be a major challenge or an overwhelming experience.

Advantages of Artificial Grass Installation

There are other advantages to artificial grass installation beyond the lush green look of a full lawn. Artificial lawn can actually decrease the amount you spend on water every month by as much as 70 percent. Additionally, you will be reducing your overall carbon footprint on the plant. When you have a synthetic artificial grass lawn you will not need herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers to keep it in good condition. There is no need for chemicals to help keep your artificial grass looking perfect all year long.

Allergies are Not a Problem

One area that is often overlooked when discussing your artificial grass for lawns is the affect it can have on your allergies and those of your loved ones. Since it is made from synthetics, there are no allergies to concern yourself with. The non-toxic grass is easy for your family and pets to play on without being concerned with the allergic reaction that they may have. Since there is no need for cutting the grass there are no particles floating through the air to be concerned with. There will be less sneezing and more enjoying your yard with the help of synthetic artificial grass. When you have artificial grass installed you won’t have to worry about having it mowed or cared for in the same way. This translates into savings for you and your home.

Cleanup is Reduced with Synthetic Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass on an Indoor Lawn

Since the grass is artificially made you will not need to worry about the bugs that are often a problem for pets and children. Not only will you be able to avoid the bugs, but the kids and pets can play in the artificial grass and not track everything into the building. This makes it an excellent choice for poolside areas as well. You don’t need to be concerned with grass clippings getting tracked into the pool or back into your home or building. This is a great way to save time on cleaning both in the buildings and in the pool in your Wheat Ridge, CO home.

Long Lasting

Making sure that you choose the right synthetic grass is the key to success and longevity. At Lawn Pros our exclusive fibers are deterioration resistant and protect against microorganisms, mildew, fungus and rot as well as ultraviolet rays. You can also choose an artificial turf that is 100 percent recyclable meeting the requirements set by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) in the “Green Building” category. Thanks to the excellent quality of the grass you can be sure that will last between 10 and 15 years. Our eight year warranty will give you the confidence you need in your new lawn. Since the lawn is installed by pinning the outer edges with 7″ non-corrosive spikes approximately 3′ apart, and an infill material such as sand is brushed throughout the top of the grass after installation, it stays put in place.

Landscaping and Synthetic Lawn Installations

A Beautiful Lawn with Fake Grass Installed

Combining synthetic artificial grass with high quality landscaping can create a beautiful oasis in your back yard or a professional and inviting look for your business front. Combining the best artificial grass lawn with a beautiful architecturally inviting space can change how you feel about your outdoor space. With available lawn care, landscaping and irrigation options you can change the entire look of your home or business. Whether you are looking for curb appeal or an escape for entertaining for your family and friends, Lawn Pros has the best options available in the Wheat Ridge, CO area.

Start Enjoying Your Lawn

Enjoying your lawn starts with making sure that you spend less time working on it and more time just relaxing. With a combination of artificial grass lawns and amazing landscaping we can create the backyard of your dreams. Not only will it be easier to maintain, but you will be saving money in the long run. Don’t discount your beautiful back yard in the overall value of your home either. You’ll find that you can get the results you want without spending a fortune. Landscaping can including creating beautiful flower gardens, lighted areas to enjoy in the evening and creating hardscapes such as waterfalls and ponds to relax with.

Trust Lawn Pros

Lawn Pros is prepared to help you achieve the lawn and yard of your dreams on your Wheat Ridge, CO property. You don’t have to spend every free moment caring for your lawn in order to have the lush green oasis that you want. See what we can do with some of the best synthetic turf grass within reach. Don’t settle for less when it comes to your lawn. We can visit with you to go over all of the options and discuss the potential that your yard has locked away. Contact us today for information on how we can help you achieve your landscaping goals. Call us today at 719-963-6267 to schedule a free estimate. We make getting a lawn you will love easy.