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If you are redoing your landscaping in Littleton CO and are looking for options that are good for the environment, then you may want to consider installing artificial synthetic grass. Artificial grass is a great way to save on your water bill and reduce your lawn’s carbon footprint. With no need for herbicides, fertilizers or pesticides, you will not have to worry about exposing your family to these toxins or adding them to the environment.

Artificial Synthetic Grass Littleton CO

Made of synthetic fibers, artificial turf looks like natural grass. Very often it is used in sports arenas that formerly used natural grass. It can be found on baseball, football and soccer fields around the country and around the world. Originally it was called AstroTurf, a registered trademark, developed by Monsanto. Now other brands exist and it is simply referred to as artificial grass or artificial turf. And for homeowners as well as commercial establishments looking for low maintenance landscaping options, artificial grass is now finding its way into today’s backyards.

The Best Artificial Turf

By switching to synthetic grass you are creating a non-toxic and safe environment for you, your family and your pets. The result will be a lawn that requires no mowing and no watering. It is perfect for a family with small children. They can play in the yard without tracking dirt and mud into the house. And for the elderly, the no maintenance of artificial grass makes this option very attractive.

Our Artificial grass is made of synthetic turf grass fibers that resist rot, fungus, microorganisms and mildew. Your lawn will feel great and look great all year round.

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  • Synthetic turf installed by Lawn Pros comes with an 8 year limited warranty but it can typically last 25 years depending on how it is used.
  • Our synthetic lawn bears no resemblance to indoor/outdoor carpet. It not only looks like natural grass, but some of the synthetic grass products available actually feel like real grass. Depending on which product you choose, the grass length will range from 1″ to 2.5.”
  • The sun will not cause our products to fade. They are built with UV inhibitors mixed into the yarn/fiber resin. However, in rare cases, Energy Efficient Windows can magnify the suns reflection onto the lawn and cause it to melt. These windows have been known to melt everything from kiddie pools to plastic sprinkler heads and the window manufacturer should be contacted before installing any brand of artificial turf.
  • Be aware that synthetic grass, unlike natural grass, is warmer when in the sun. While it won’t get anywhere near as hot a sandy beach, it is warmer because it contains no water and therefore does not have any natural way to cool. While it is unlikely that pets or children will suffer any discomfort or burns, care should be taken on extremely hot days such as sprinkling a little water on it to cool it off. With the best artificial turf grass that we install to you Littleton CO home, you are given assurance that it perfectly blends with the Colorado climate where it will be installed.

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  • With an average cost of $2.50 to $4.00 per square foot, installation not included, synthetic turf can quickly pay for itself since there will no longer be the expense of fertilizer and herbicide or the cost of watering the lawn. For commercial usage, the savings in mowing costs can quickly add up.
  • Our professional installation makes sure your artificial grass stays solidly in place. Sand, typically, is brushed along the top of the grass and, as it falls to the bottom of the fibers, it creates weight that keeps the turf in place. Edges are held in place with 7″ non-corrosive spikes, placed about 3 feet apart.
  • Synthetic grass turf is perfect for any dog owner. Urine is flushed through the drainage holds into the drainage systems whenever it rains. Or it can be hosed clean. Solid waste is taken care of just as you would on natural grass. Neither urine nor the solid waste will stain any of the types of artificial grass installed by Lawn Pro. However, please let us know if you have a heavy use area such as a kennel run so we can discuss using the right base under the turf. Concerned about your dog digging through or eating it? While we can’t guarantee your dog won’t do anything like that, Lawn Pros artificial grass has been installed in hundreds of commercial and residential dog runs and it is almost impossible for a dog to tear or rip it because of the double coated back. If this is a concern, we have several installation options that we can discuss with you.
  • To maintain the natural look of your artificial sod, you may want to brush a broom over it occasionally but it is certainly not necessary. Items such as leaves and twigs can be removed with a rake or leaf blower, just as you would with natural grass.
  • Before your artificial lawn is installed the existing sod is removed to a depth of 2 to 4 inches. Crushed rock is then laid to create a base which is compacted and smoothed. The artificial turf is rolled onto the crushed rock surface and, if necessary, it is seamed together. The infill material is spread using a fertilizer spreader and then a broom is used to brush the infill material to the bottom. There are several options for the infill material and they include rubber crumb, sand, an eco-friendly infill or a combination. Commercial installations, while similar to residential installations, may require the use of additional base material layers that will need to be compacted.
  • Drainage of artificial turf is similar to drainage in natural grass. The synthetic lawn grass installation
    has holes in the backing, allowing water to drain into the compacted rock base. If necessary, different assortments of the crushed rock are used where there are concerns about permeability.
  • When choosing a company to install your artificial turf, keep in mind that not all synthetic grasses are created equal. The product used by Lawn Pro has gone through extensive testing. When looking to install artificial synthetic grass in Littleton CO, give Lawn Pro a call to discuss the options available to you.


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