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Artificial Grass Installation Lone Tree, CO

Many people love to have well landscaped yards and lawns because they provide aesthetic beauty. However, natural grass can be quite costly to maintain and is time consuming. It requires constant mowing, watering, fertilizing as well as blowing off leaves. This is the main reason why many people are turning to artificial synthetic grass in place of natural grass. The advantages are also numerous as compared to growing and maintaining natural grass.

 Artificial Grass Lone Tree, CO

The switch from real grass to artificial turf in the United States has been growing at the rate of 10 to 15 percent annually. This means that more and more homeowners are using synthetic grass in their lawns, play areas, rooftops, putting greens, decorating borders between patio pavers and for pool surrounds. Landscaping in Lone Tree, CO, has seen an increased demand for synthetic lawns and grass with many homeowners installing this grass in their homes.

Lone Tree, Colorado

Lone Tree is a municipality found in Douglas County in the State of Colorado. It has a population of about 10,218 people – as per the 2010 US census. The town was incorporated in 1996 and is headed by a mayor. It is located in a beautiful geographical area that has largely suburban homes. Many homes in the area have well-maintained and beautiful lawns. Even though natural grass is still prominent, artificial turfs are slowly gaining popularity within the municipality.

What is Artificial Grass?

 Artificial Grass Turf Lone Tree CO

Artificial grass is made of synthetic fibers that resemble real grass. It is not an outdoor carpet as many people think, but is specially made to closely resemble real grass. It is made of materials that resist deterioration from rot, mildew, microorganism, fungus and ultraviolet light. Synthetic lawns also resist ultraviolet radiation. It consists of filaments that are threaded onto a backing that is porous to let through water. Synthetic lawns may also be made of polythene, nylon or polypropylene material.

The synthetic lawn comes in different lengths from putting green short to late summer long. Additionally, it also comes in different color shades from light green to dark green. The shade is dependent of the type of grass that grows in a locality. One can also choose the preferred color for the springy under layer. These features and colors make synthetic grass look real.

Environmentally Friendly Grass

This eco-green product saves a lot of water that would otherwise be used for watering purposes. This is because artificial grass does not need constant watering. In fact, it tends to reduce monthly water bills by up to seventy percent. It also saves on time used in mowing, weeding, removing leaves and pet waste as well as watering. Once installed, synthetic grass can last for up to 15 years without any other maintenance costs.

Synthetic grass is a green product that is made from recycled crumb rubber that would otherwise be taken to landfills. This is quite helpful in helping to reuse and recycle rubber into an economically viable product. Additionally, synthetic grass does not require any regular mowing. It reduces noise pollution and carbon footprint caused by fuel run lawn mowers while eliminating the need of using damaging chemicals like fertilizers, weed kill and pesticides. This has made it quite popular amongst homeowners who care about the environment.

Installation of Synthetic Turf Grass

Grass Installation Lone Tree CO

During installation, grass, sod and other vegetation is removed from the land. A base is created using crushed rock that is between 2 to 4 inches deep and then smoothened and compacted. This prevents grass and weeds from growing on the yard. The artificial grass is later rolled on the base and properly seamed in place.

An infill material is then spread over the synthetic grass using fertilizer spreaders. It is brushed until it reaches the bottom of the grass. This infill can be rubber crumb, sand or a combination of the two. It acts like ballast to maintain the grass in place. Furthermore, the edges of the grass are pinned down to the ground using 7-inch, non-corrosive, spikes that are spaced 3 inches apart. The grass allows drainage of water. It has perforations made in the backing to allow water and liquids to drain through it and flow into its base made of blended rock. The base is permeable to allow excess water to drain underground.

Artificial Sport Turf

There are different types of synthetic grass made and installed today. Certain turfs are used for sporting activities and play areas. This may be in a schoolyard or even at a golf course. These are built according to their application. Artificial grass laid for play areas are installed carefully to ensure safety. They are also hypoallergenic for both kids and animals.

Putting Greens Lone Tree, CO

Today, lawn turfs are used in both professional and amateur golf courses. This synthetic putting is rough, fringe, collar and green to perform similarly to real grass. Modern research and development has enabled new and innovative products that are easy and cheap to maintain while providing the same functionality as real golf grass.

Heat from the Sun

Many types of synthetic grass have protection from UV sunlight. Some are treated by topical UV treatment while others have already built in inhibitors of ultraviolet sunrays that are mixed into the fibers or yarn raisin. This prevents the grass from melting or being burnt when exposed to direct sunlight.

However, the grass gets warm from exposure to direct sunlight. This is because it does not cool as natural grass does hence remains warm longer than real grass. One way of cooling artificial grass is to sprinkle water onto it before stepping or playing on it. One may also add approved silica sand that is light in color or plant trees that provide shade during hot weather.

Synthetic Turf Grass for Dogs

Pets love to play and sleep on grass. Therefore, it is normal for them to play on the synthetic grass once it is installed. However, one needs to clean after them regularly when they relieve themselves on the grass. It is hard for dogs to chew on the grass although it is not entirely impossible.