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Golf courses remain a popular pastime for players all across the United States. But with the seemingly nationwide shift to environmentally friendly efforts, golf courses have been feeling pressure to change with the times. Artificial turf is leading the charge in the “go green” revolution for golf courses.

We offer an affordable professional-grade artificial turf for putting greens designed for top quality commercial and residential putting greens. Our putting greens give the golfer of any skill level the ability to simulate the feel and roll of true grass. Speed of ball movement and texture can be adjusted by adding sand infill if desired. Slopes, mounds, and contours can be easily accommodated.

Most golfers assume the only place to golf is at a golf course. They are partly correct because long-range golfing is definitely something that is usually reserved for golfing courses. But that does not mean that you cannot golf at home. There are more reasons than you can imagine as to why golfing at home might be a great idea. The following are 5 reasons you should consider artificial putting lawns that you might not have thought about before.

1. Happiness: A Putting Lawn for Happiness

You already know that golfing is a relaxing game. The game helps you concentrate, which helps your brain let go of the issues that you might have at work or even at home. For a few hours, you can let all your worries melt away by simply playing a little golf. Having a putting lawn in your backyard will give you easy access to this calming sport anytime you want.

Another important aspect to remember about golfing at home is that beautifully landscaped lawns can be relaxing for everyone in your home. Yes, psychologists have noted that looking at beautiful landscapes or nature helps lower the level of cortisol that the brain produces. Cortisol is a neurotransmitter that is associated with stress.

This means that you, or someone in your family, can look at your putting lawn and gradually feel a lot calmer. Perhaps it is a combination of both of these aspects that makes it such a mood-enhancing game.

2. Putting Lawns: Real Vs. Synthetic Grass for Home

A putting lawn with natural grass is quite beautiful; no one will deny that, but there are a few setbacks. The setbacks are care and cost. These setbacks are usually not your concern at a golf course, but they will be in your own backyard.

Dealing with real grass means you will need to upkeep the grass on a regular basis. For example, approximately 70 percent of a homeowner’s water bill comes from lawn maintenance. But water is not your only expense because you also have to worry about some of the following:

  • You will need to purchase fertilizer and waste time treating your putting lawn with it.
  • Composting, if you choose to fertilize in an eco-friendly way, will still take away time from your daily routine.
  • Cutting your putting lawn will also take up your valuable time. Or it will be costly if you hire lawn care services, not to mention it will ruin your putting should you forget once or twice.
  • You may need to spend money on pesticides or invest in natural herbicides, like mint plants. Keep in mind that mint plants are hard to grow and can be costly.

These are just some of the worries that will go away by simply calling good artificial putting grass installers. Keep in mind that you get to choose the length of the putting grass, which can affect velocity of your golf ball and your overall game.

3. Health: Artificial Putting Lawns Can Be Healthy

Artificial grass for your home is healthy for you and your family in a few ways. For one, artificial grass will not irritate anyone with allergies. Both pollen and small insects will not be much of a problem due to the artificial grass.

You should also remember that the artificial grass installation is easy, and there is only a thin disconnection between your grass and the earth. This is an important aspect because you can try something that would probably be frowned upon in a regular golf course. You can try a little barefoot golfing.

You may want to try this because it is a form of barefoot therapy. And you will not have to worry about bugs or a wet patch of dirt somewhere.

Barefoot therapy is exactly what it sounds like. You walk on the grass barefooted. The reason you should consider doing this is because studies have shown that the earth emits a negative charge. People do not usually absorb this negative charge because they have shoes and cement as a barrier. This negative charge is important because it helps re-balance the human body, which helps restore things like adequate blood pressure and promotes healing. Thankfully, artificial putting grass for residential lawns does not shield you from the natural earth because it is thin.

4. Peace: Artificial Putting Grass & Peace

Opting for artificial putting grass should make your gaming experience a little more peaceful. This is because artificial turfs muffle some of the heavier sounds coming from the outside world. This is something that both real grass and synthetic grass can do for you, except one does it cheaper because you can find wholesale artificial grass prices.
The key is the blades, which catch sound waves and deters their strength meaning that noises are somewhat muffled. You know how important peace is when you are trying to make that put.

5. Practice: Being at Home Lets You Work on Your Game

One of the aspects of golfing that most experts say is the hardest skill to master is short-range putting. The amount of skill and precision needed to make puts at a short range takes a lot of practice.
Installing your own putting green at home should definitely give you the chance to improve your game. And, if you have kids, it will give you a chance to spend a little more time with them, enjoying the game that much more.


Lawn Pros putting greens are a staple feature in homes across the nation. Whether it’s the focal point of your customer’s home or your green is hidden deep within your man cave, Wholesale Turf will supply top quality putting greens for your custom putting green jobs.


Our greens can be adjusted for any golf skill level and have been tested to meet tour standards. It is now possible for your customers to practice like a professional any day of the week while adding a beautiful aesthetic to their yard or commercial property.

As you can see, there are a few reasons that you should consider artificial putting grass. You can talk to your synthetic grass specialist about other benefits these types of putting lawns can offer you. And remember that artificial putting lawns can imitate all kinds of grasses, so you can go as exotic as you want. You could opt for Kentucky Green–or even that electric green that you can find in the Midwest—to truly make golfing a one-of-a-kind experience at home.