Christmas Light Installation Company Q & A

Christmas Light Installation CompanyPutting up your own Christmas lights can be a real nightmare if you’re not prepared. Most homeowners spend over 12 precious hours planning, installing, and removing their lights each year!  The thought of hanging Christmas lights may bring up some not so sweet memories. Untangling lights that are stuffed in your garage or attic, the danger of falling off of a ladder, blowing out every circuit in the house. Are you considering hiring Christmas light installation company but have some questions? Well we have the answers:

Will your installers remove my lights as well as install them? Absolutely. Our professionals are dedicated to providing you with a beautiful  Holiday display, as well as taking all of  the burden out of shopping for necessary materials, installing lights, and removing the lights after the holiday season. Removal is included in our price. Removals generally begin January 2. No appointment is necessary for removal.  We remove lights on a geographical basis to ensure a quick removal for everyone.

How do you calculate your labor estimate? There are several factors that contribute to the estimated price of a job. These factors include the complexity of the display, electrical constraints, and of course the length of time necessary to complete the job. We take our time on each and every job, and our Christmas light pro’s pride ourselves on providing you with the most professional displays   in town.

What happens if I have a problem with my lights? Our qualified installers are trained to take all of the necessary measures to prevent any problems with your lights. However, if you do have a problem with your display, we have service technicians to correct the problem as soon as possibl

Are there any hidden charges? No, sometimes other companies will charge you hidden fees for electrical accessories, removals, etc.  The price that we quote you is all-inclusive and we do not charge our valuable customers hidden “junk” fees.

Will We Need To Hire An Electrician? Most of the time no, however for larger installations extra power may be necessary.  We will let you know at the  time of your estimate if we believe that extra power is needed.

How much does your service cost? The cost of your Christmas light installation depends on the size and difficulty of your home.  In addition to your home Christmas decor we will be happy to provide you with Christmas light installation pricing on trees, shrubs, walkways, etc.

Are you insured? Our Christmas light installation company is licensed and insured.

Do you do Hanukkah lighting? Yes, we do! Most Hanukkah lighting designs include white lights and our vibrant blue lights. We also install customer owned Menorahs or can provide Menorahs for purchase. We do not rent or lease Menorahs at this time.

It rained and now some of my lights are not turning on? The most common reason lights do not turn on is because a GFI (Ground Fault Interceptor) outlet has turned off as a safety feature, which is associated with your existing electrical wiring. Resetting a GFI outlet is easy: locate the outlet that is not working, make sure that all the electrical cords and lighting are dry, and simply push the reset button back in.  If it does not reset, the outlet may still be sensing moisture, or the outlet has gone bad and needs to be replaced.

As a professional christmas light installation company, we want to create an environment in which to bring smiles to you and your loved one’s faces. We know how the holidays can bring joy as well as stress. We strive to focus on how we can assist in removing the stress and creating more joy through lighting & decorating your home or business as beautiful as it can be.  As your professional light installer, we focus on client satisfaction. Call 720.221.3606 for a free estimate today!

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