7 Colorado Lawn Care Tips for a Beautiful, Low-Maintenance Lawn

Green and abundant lawns serve as a great backdrop for picnics, cookouts, parties and other summer activities in and around Colorado. It is often the centerpiece of a completed landscape, and can serve as a beautiful focal point in a home’s overall curb appeal.

Follow a these 7 Colorado lawn care tips for a green, lush lawn:

Lawn Care Tip 1 – Install an Irrigation System

A lawn needs a steady dose of water and ample sunlight to thrive. Some homeowners water too little or water inadvertently pools on the surface of the lawn without reaching the roots. Irrigation systems, particularly drip irrigation systems put water at the roots of landscape plants where they need it most. This helps conserve water by preventing it from evaporating in the sun or watering unnecessary parts of the landscape, such as driveways and sidewalks.

Lawn Care Tip 2 – One-Third Rule

Removing more than 1/3 of the grass blade will stress out your lawn. If you cut or take out too much of the grass blade, your lawn will have a difficult time thriving and will instead look burnt out.Lawns shouldn’t be “scalped,” otherwise known as cutting the lawn too short. When the weather has been hot or dry, it may not even need to be cut every week. Thin, closely cut lawns can lead to grass that dies out quickly, shallow root systems and eventually a poor-looking lawn.

Lawn Care Tip 3 – Sharp Mower Blades

Your lawn’s appearance is enhanced by sharp mower blades. Cleaner cuts of grass are provided by sharp blades. Grass will be able to recover from mowing faster when it is cut by sharp blades.

Lawn Care Tip 4 – Apply Fertilizer

Use fertilizer to get a healthy, green lawn. You have to apply fertilizer at the right time to get the best results.

Lawn Care Tip 5 – Deal with Weeds, Insects and Diseases

Brown circles or dry areas around your lawn means that you might have a problem. As problems travel under the soil, big circles called brownouts caused by fungal disease or insects leave a line of traceable dead grass.

Lawn Care Tip 6 – Aerate your Lawn

One of the main reasons to aerate is for regeneration of the root system. The roots are the delivery system that supplies the oxygen, water, and the necessary nutrients to support the life of the turf. An aeration treatment removes small cores of soil and thatch to allow air, moisture and nutrients to penetrate down to the root zone. Roots need oxygen to survive and grow. Aeration allows you to open up channels and get oxygen directly to the root system. These channels also serve as a funnel for water to reach the roots and create an undisturbed area for the roots to grow.

Lawn Care Tip 7 – Enjoy the lawn.

Some homeowners want a grass showpiece and fail to ever step foot on the lawn. But with the right type of grass that is thoroughly established and hardy, the lawn will remain durable to kids playing, pets frolicking and simply spending time out in the yard.

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