Conserve Water with Synthetic Grass

Conserve Water with Synthetic Grass

What with droughts sweeping throughout the west, and with prospects of a long and dry summer ahead, businesses and homeowners are seeking ways to conserve water with synthetic grass.

Homeowners find that a great amount of their water usage is spent in watering their lawns. Having to water the lawn frequently during such dry periods can add up to a considerable expense, and can greatly deplete diminishing water resources needed in other critical areas.

One terrific option for the homeowner who is seeking relief from the mounting expense and hassle of maintaining a living, vibrant lawn is to install synthetic grass.

This artificial turf requires absolutely no maintenance, and has the exact appearance of natural grass. Synthetic grass is produced in America, and is an environmentally friendly product that is an attractive and great option for the environmentally conscious consumer.

As the turf requires no watering or weeding, no pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers need to be used. This saves in money, as well as time spent distributing these chemicals on a regular basis.

Cost, of course, is the bottom line for many homeowners. Water costs are now at a premium, with rates projected to further increase as the long, hot, dry summer season is just getting underway. By switching to an artificial lawn, homeowners can save up to 70% on their monthly water bill, a considerable sum in many areas.

Are the kids (even the pets) coming back inside the house, grass stained and dirty? With the artificial lawn, these messy situations will no longer be a problem.

The synthetic fibers used in the artificial lawn will not deteriorate as a result of microorganisms, and will not be a victim to fungus, and will not rot.

In terms of ‘Green’ consciousness, the turf is manufactured with 100% recyclable material, safe for human and animal exposure year-round.

Seasonal homeowners enjoy installing an artificial lawn, as they are assured that their lawn will be maintenance-free in their absence, and will look just as good when they return to their residence as it did when they left it. Elderly homeowners, who may otherwise struggle with lawn maintenance, enjoy the zero maintenance aspect of installing the artificial lawn.

Lawn Pro Landscaping & Concrete has a comprehensive site that features the synthetic grass lawns, lawns that will help conserve water, requires no maintenance, and is a cost saving, environmentally friendly option for homeowners who are seeking to preserve and protect this valuable part of their property.

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