One of the most important aspects of synthetic turf design is how water runoff is captured and handled. Drainage for artificial turf is very similar to natural grass. First and foremost small holes are stuck in the artificial grass backing to allow the water to drain through to the subsoil. The subsoil, moreover, consists of highly absorbent materials such as crushed rubble, gravel or a mixture of mineral matter. During heavy downpours the base is able to ‘store’ excess water and allow it to seep through slowly to the in-built draining pipes. All of the above enables the artificial turf to be kept in good working order. Lawn Pros artificial turf drains better than real grass and better than the competitor’s turf.

Will an artificial lawn flood in heavy rain?

There is no need to worry about flooding.  Rain water will simply drain through your artificial grass.

Drainage for Artificial Turf is Important for Dog Owners

Drainage is very important for dog owners. Improper drainage will lead to odor buildup from frequent pet use. To eliminate the risk of a smelly backyard, choose Lawn Pros.

Choosing The Right Company

Lawn Pros provides artificial grass solutions for landscapes, playgrounds, putting greens, businesses & contractors – all at wholesale prices. With the widest selection of synthetic turf products available, we’re the one-stop shop for artificial grass! Our large selection of artificial grass ensures that we have something that suits any landscape project and rest assured that it will drain properly!

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