Educational/School Applications

Today, learning institutions from kindergartens to universities are switching to the cost effective and low maintenance artificial grass products from Lawn Pros. The company offers top-notch artificial turfs that closely resemble real sod. Artificial grass has gained mainstream acceptance in many schooling institutions around the country because it offers a cost-effective alternative to growing and maintaining real grass.

Playgrounds fitted with artificial grass are safe for kids to play on. They are also durable, hypo-allergenic, non-abrasive and can withstand heavy human traffic. All turfs from Lawn Pros have advanced drainage systems that prevent water from settling on top. Efficient drainage also prevents muddy patches and flooding during heavy rains. The best part is that the turf enhances the outdoor beauty of learning institutions.

Assured Return on Investment

Synthetic grass may be a bit costly during installation but its low maintenance feature ensures a quick return on investment. It does not require constant watering, application of fertilizers and pesticides as well as regular lawn mowing. This greatly reduces its maintenance cost compared to real sod. It is a huge plus to have a well groomed outdoor space at half the cost required to maintain it.

Many cities and counties around the country have started offering incentives like water rebates and tax credits for every installation of synthetic grass. This is because artificial turf is environmentally friendly. Every year, a lot of water is used to water natural sod in order to maintain it. However, artificial grass does not require any watering. In addition, it does not pollute the environment with chemicals found in fertilizers and pesticides. These tend to seep into the ground and are carried off into rivers and nearby lakes.

Installation of synthetic grass pays itself within the first 2 or 3 years. Therefore, the extra money saved is relocated to other programs in the school. This cost-effective feature has endeared the turf to many learning institutions. All products from Lawn Pros are inclusive of partial recyclable materials. This is a step forward in the effort to conserve the environment by reducing the amount of carbon footprint from schools.

In addition, all products from the company come with an 8-years warranty from the manufacturer. This offers the company’s clients peace of mind because they can rest assured that products installed by Lawn Pros are of high quality and durable. For quality and cost-effective synthetic turf for learning institutions, get in touch with Lawn Pros.


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