How To Chose A Lawncare Company.

Knowing how to choose a lawn care company that suits the needs of you and your lawn will save you time, money, and hassle throughout the growing season.  There are some tips to selecting a company that you will be happy with in the long term.  Here’s how to choose a lawn care company that works for you.

Evaluate your Needs

In order to feel confident that you are selecting a company that can fulfill your lawn care needs, you need to first identify those needs.  For example, do you need someone to mow and trim once a week, or only to fertilize and apply pre emergence herbicide?  Do you have a large yard or a small yard?  Do you need help with your landscape beds, or strictly a “mow, blow and go” operation to take care of the grass?  Do you require a company that can prune large trees?  Do you want people to help with seasonal landscape maintenance?  Do you have an irrigation system that needs frequent programming and maintenance? Every lawn care company is different.  Some will be able to address all of the needs mentioned above, while others may specialize in some areas over others.  Make sure you know exactly which services you will need on a regular basis to find a company that works best for you.

Get Recommendations and Read Reviews

People review almost everything online these days.  If the landscape or lawn care company you are considering is a large one, you can probably find several different reviews of the company online.  Other areas to check are the chamber of commerce, local better business bureau, and with neighbors.  If you have admired the lawn of someone in your neighborhood, the next time you pass by and see them outside, ask them who does their lawn care.  If they do it themselves, they’ll be flattered.  If they have a service, they will be happy to refer you. It is a good idea to take reviews with a grain of salt, however.  Many people will only write a public review if they are upset.  Asking the company to see their portfolio or for references will give you the most balanced perspective.

Ask for a Quote in Writing

When you have identified companies that have provide the services you need, type out your lawn care needs and ask for a quote from several providers.  This will help you compare prices, and will also give you a good idea about their professionalism, response time, and customer service.  In addition to service prices, find out what type of notice they provide before doing quarterly services, and what services they might recommend that you did not include in your specs, and why they would recommend those services.  Invite each company to send a representative out to evaluate your individual situation.  A reputable company will be willing to pay you a visit in order to gain you as a customer.

Engage in a Trial Relationship

If possible, sign a contract for no more than one year at a time.  That will allow you to see whether the company can deliver what you need in terms of lawn and garden care.  Touch base with a manager or supervisor periodically throughout your contract year to discuss the progress with your lawn.  If you are happy with the service, be sure to retain the company for the next year at the beginning of contract renewal to secure your spot! Knowing how to choose a lawn care company that works for you and your family’s lifestyle can save you a lot of time and hassle throughout the summer-leaving you with more time to relax and enjoy your lawn and garden.

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