Industrial Applications

Lawn Pros uses turf made from advanced yarns, thick fibers and a strong backing to satisfy the demands of industrial environments. The turf we install is of industrial strength, extremely tough and specially manufactured to endure regular, heavy usage. Even better, our durable artificial grass still resembles the real thing and is pleasant to touch. The result is a hospitable area surface, which does not suffer from holes, mud patches, flattening or dead spots. Our super strength grass is ideal for use in warehouse and factory premises, as well as in building sites, manufacturing plants and other locations where staff are always on the move.

Synthetic turf from Lawn Pros allows businesses to become more time efficient, by reducing landscape maintenance by at least seventy-five percent. Businesses that use our turf also spend considerably less on water. This is due to the fact that, unlike real grass, our artificial turf only needs a brief wash every now and then. This reduces (and sometimes eliminates) the requirement for expensive sprinkler systems.

Installing our artificial turf offers significant environmental advantages too. No pesticides are needed to treat the grass, and gas powered lawnmowers are not necessary either. Our products are manufactured from partially recyclable materials, to lower our carbon footprint even further.

Above all else, our synthetic grass saves businesses lots of cash. Across America, municipalities and cities are providing rebates for water and tax breaks to people who use artificial turf. This makes it an excellent investment. Some of our customers have reported that their water bills have reduced by over fifty percent, after installing our turf. Furthermore, ensuring that business premises are green, well maintained, trimmed and tidy throughout the year invariably boosts the value of a business. Let Lawn Pros help you reduce your overheads, and ensure that your colleagues and customers enjoy constantly picturesque scenery.

Get in touch with us to discuss how industrial artificial grass can enhance your company. Our knowledgeable customer support representatives will help you choose the surface most suitable for your requirements. Our professional grass installation staff are available to turn your business premises into a beautiful, practical environment. The turf we install is designed to retain its’ color for years, without fading and with the bare minimum of maintenance. We have such confidence in our products that we offer a manufacturer’s warranty. Contact us today and get your landscape looking pristine – 365 days per year, every year.


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