Landscaping Aurora CO

In Aurora Colorado, the sun shines almost every day of the year, and this is why the city is a popular tourist attraction. It is ranked among the best cities in America for healthcare, and it is where the acclaimed Anschutz Medical Campus is located. Also, it is one of the country’s leading sports cities, boasting the famous Aurora Sports Park. As Colorado’s third biggest city, Aurora is a cosmopolitan destination with hundreds of ethnic eateries to choose from. The Buckley Air Force Base is situated in the city as well, along with all five military branches. Aurora is a safe place to live, with three reservoirs and a variety of golf courses, breweries, nightclubs, shopping malls, cultural facilities and national tournaments to keep you entertained. And, due to the warm temperature, landscaping companies in Aurora are in high demand.

How History Repeats Itself

When it comes to landscaping Aurora CO reflects the worldwide historical trend. People have practiced landscaping for centuries, as evidenced by the impressive gardens from ancient civilizations on different continents. Frequently, landscaping was done to make the areas surrounding palaces, temples and other public spaces more attractive. It was used around and in private residences too. For instance, the Mayans placed colorful plantings along their temple walkways, and the Romans had houses with enclosed landscaped courtyards, which only household occupants could access. Sometimes, landscaping was utilized for practical reasons, like crop cultivation. Certain Native American tribes built gardening terraces for this purpose.

Aurora CO Landscaping in Focus

Landscaping Aurora CO

In Aurora, residential landscaping and commercial landscaping is usually limited to specified areas. This could be areas surrounding offices, homes, museums or other buildings. Aurora landscaping contractors meet with business owners or home owners, to find out what services they require. Landscaping companies in Aurora CO can carry out all the necessary steps to produce customized landscapes. In addition, they can develop landscapes, design plans, plant shrubs, trees and flowers, and take care of gardens when projects are completed.

When first meeting with a customer, an Aurora landscape contractor will ask whether he or she wants particular plants or a particular theme including in the design plans. Occasionally, the customer might want shrubs or trees that are unsuitable for the planting area. In this situation, Aurora Colorado landscaping companies have the knowledge to suggest more appropriate plants. Based on the desired ambiance, these plants could be extremely stylized. For example, gardens might feature intricate flower arrangements, or hedge mazes. Other times, landscapers Aurora CO prefer more casual vegetation, like wildflowers scattered at random. All landscaping companies in area will provide photographs or drawings of alternatives for customers to approve.

Landscape Design Aurora Colorado Considerations

Aurora Landscaping - Before Lanscaping

In Aurora, homeowners should select plants that like warm weather. Fortunately, there are many lovely plants that fit the bill, like Rose Moss, Petunias, Zinnias and Marigolds. By choosing these types of plants, homeowners can make their gardens vibrant and colorful under the blazing sun.

Most landscaping Aurora companies have software that can show customers what completed projects will look like. Normally, this software has time progression features. This means that customers can see how plantings will appear in a few years, after shrubs have thickened and trees are taller.

Aurora Landscaping - AfterLanscaping

The Process of Landscaping

Typically, landscaping in Aurora Colorado begins with laying down paths, and developing things from there to produce a pleasant environment that might include pools, fountains, gazebos, benches and stone retaining walls. After the initial groundwork is finished, the landscaper will add trees, shrubs, plants, etc to produce the desired appearance. Landscapes can follow particular themes, such as low water gardens, native plant gardens or traditional English gardens.

The ‘floor’ of the landscaping area is another vital factor. Normally, the floor of a garden consists of wood chips, gravel, grass, flagstone, dirt, or a mixture of these. Similar to other aspects of the garden’s design, the selected material should enhance the atmosphere of the space. For example, grass is nice for creating spaces that are suitable for picnics or relaxing, whereas gravel is frequently used to make gardens appear more formal.

Water based features are another popular aspect of landscaping. Designers might include raised baths that attract birds to the area, or ponds that mirror the colors of nearby plants. Ponds can be decorated with floating lilies, filled with fish, or brought to life with waterfalls, further stimulating the noises and aesthetics of the space.

Other Types of Landscaping Work

Every now and then, landscape contractors are hired when erosion problems arise. Usually, these types of problems are best solved by planting grass or similar vegetation. Also, on slopes, landscape contractors might stop erosion by using mulch covered with organic glue.

Terraces, sidewalks and patios are just a few examples of stylish elements that landscaping contractors can conceive and construct. Lots of garden landscaping plans feature outdoor lighting and furniture clusters. Normally, these features are selected to supplement the rustic ambiance of the area. They enable visitors to unwind and appreciate the different facets of the space.

Some business owners and homeowners decide on a plan, and are able to carry out the landscaping work themselves. However, they are not able to combine everything together in an attractive way. Hiring a reputable landscaping contractor allows them to ensure that the finished result looks harmonious. Then, once the work is done, the homeowner or business owner can opt to carry out the regular lawn care that the garden needs, or pay the landscaping contractor to do this.

Landscaping Aurora CO Final Thoughts

This work is as much an art as it is a science. A trained eye is required to assess the current layout of the natural landscape, and determine the best way to alter it. Good landscaping gives areas an important stylistic element. It enhances the curb appeal of buildings and increases their value. If properties are not going to be sold, landscaping allows property owners to create surroundings that reflect their tastes, and produce a seamless flow between the buildings and the areas they are located in.


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