Landscaping Centennial, CO

Centennial CO is one of the best places to live and work in the country. This is because of the great weather. For instance, the city has 245 sunny days per year, compared to the US average of around 205. This means you’ll have more days to engage in outdoor activities and plant crops outside. The City of Centennial has a comfort index of 57, compared to an average of 44 for all US cities. When it comes to rainfall, the city receives lower than average rainfall, only 16.4 inches, compared to the nationwide average of 36.5 inches. During the cold season, the city receives an average of 58 inches of snow compared to the nationwide average of only 25 inches. This makes Centennial CO a great place to live and work.

Landscaping Centennial, CO

Landscaping is more of a necessity than a luxury. This is because it not only makes an outdoor space look more beautiful, but also more functional. Landscaping deals with manipulation of the ground to change the terrain and appearance with the aim of improving both its aesthetic appeal and functionality. The most important component of any landscape is the lawn. The second most important component is paved footpaths and driveways. Thirdly, there must be aesthetics, which may come in the form of colorful flowers and beautiful plants. To add life to the landscape, a swing set, small fish pond or water fountain may be installed. Since you and your guests may not always want to sit on the grass, a bench can also be installed on the lawn. To ensure all these items come together to form a great outdoor space, it is important for both residential and commercial property owners to hire professionals who offer residential and commercial landscaping Centennial CO. Lawn Pros has experienced landscapers who have handled hundreds of landscaping jobs in the city of Centennial and the surrounding areas. They are therefore in the best position possible to take care of all your landscaping needs.

Residential Landscaping

Lawn Pros offers three types of residential landscaping services. The first is residential landscape design. Next is landscape installation while the third is landscape maintenance. If you opt for artificial grass installation, you will not need maintenance, but your property will look just as great throughout. If you choose to have a natural grass lawn installed, you can count on Lawn Pros for affordable and effective lawn care services. Installing a great landscape on your property can increase the value of your home considerably. If you plan to sell, you can easily recoup the cost of landscape installation. Furthermore, your home will look and feel more comfortable as well as more welcoming if it looks great on the outside. Lawn Pros has landscape designers, architects, certified professionals and project managers who can work with you to come up with a great landscape before the actual installation begins. They will help you explore all the options at your disposal to ensure you get a result that’s better than what you originally envisioned. At the conclusion of the design process, the team will give you an estimate for your approval. If you do not have ready cash, Lawn Pros can help you get financing. Once everything is ready, the process of transforming your home will begin.

Commercial Landscaping Centennial CO

Commercial landscaping is a necessity for any business that thrives on hosting clients in the outdoors. For instance, hotels, resorts, golf courses, private schools, wedding venues, parks, industrial parks, residential communities, retirement communities, shopping centers, condominiums and apartment buildings can benefit greatly from having a great lawn. A poorly-designed lawn can give customers and guests the impression that they cannot get value for their money, so they might end up looking elsewhere for the services they need. Lawn Pros has the infrastructure and resources needed to take care of any type of landscaping job, regardless of magnitude or complexity.

Lawn Installation Process


Step 1: Soil Preparation

The area is first cleared of any rocks, weeds, old lawn or any other debris that may be present. This may be done using a sod cutter. Once the soil has been exposed, the drainage of the area is modified to ensure water can drain away from the lawn easily. The rough grade is also established to drain water away from the building while low spots are eliminated. A high grade compost is then spread over the entire area and a rake used to level uneven areas. The starter fertilizer is then installed in preparation for the second step.

Step 2: Sod Installation

Since sod is a living plant, it should be installed while still fresh to improve its chances of growing. Installation of sod usually starts from the edges towards the center.

Step 3: Irrigation

Once the sod has been installed, an elaborate irrigation system is installed, in case of a commercial lawn. The sod is then watered until it is completely soaked. During the first two weeks, heavy watering will be required since the root system of the sod is still being established. After the two weeks, mowing will be needed.

Lawn Pros Lawn Maintenance Service

Landscaping does not stop with establishment of a great lawn and planting of flowers with beautiful blooms. Maintenance is also needed to keep the landscape looking exceptionally great at all times. Lawn Pros, has the equipment, expertise and resources needed to offer effective lawn care services on both commercial and residential property.

Why Lawn Pros?

Lawn Pros is a BBB-acredited business that currently has an A+ rating. The landscaping contractor is registered, licensed and bonded, so you can expect the highest quality landscaping service in Centennial CO from them. With over a decade of experience in the landscaping industry and affordably priced services, Lawn Pros is easily the best landscaping company in Centennial CO. If you are thinking about getting landscaping services that will give you great value for your money, be sure to get in touch with the Lawn Pros. You can get a free estimate and schedule a same-day service, or next-day service.


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