Landscaping Cherry Hills, CO

Cherry Hills is a lovely little place to call home, with its sprawling greens and impeccable views, there is no other space on earth quite like it. Perhaps this is why so many flock each year to its Pro-Member Invitational and its sprawling par-72 course that is perfect for a round of golf with friends any time of year. Like anything truly beautiful, housing such a magnificent sprinkling of scenery and lush green, keeping Cherry Hills the heavenly haven it is today requires TLC from a trained eye and a careful touch. Whether you are a lifelong member or just thinking about making this classic hideaway your home, here are 8 reasons why maintaining the landscaping at your Cherry Hills abode with the help of a professional landscaping company can save you money, improve your home from the outside-in and help make your space a happier, healthier place to be…

Landscaping Cherry Hills, CO
It Adds Value to Your Home.

A well landscaped lawn can add value to your home and help you to sell it at a higher profit if you ever decide to find a new space to call your own. Even if you never move, the increased equity in your home can help you with refinancing if interest rates improve over time.

Landscaping Can Lower Your Energy Bills.

Here at Lawn Pros, we are the landscaping Cherry Hills CO loves most for a reason. We can help make your lawn work overtime for you. Well placed greenery and specific species can help to block the sun, keeping your energy bills cost efficient and your wallet happy. We understand that your home is a place where comfort should exist both inside and out… with innovative landscaping – you get the best of both worlds. When your energy bills are lower, you can spend more time and money on the things that matter most to you – like lemonade by the pool with your favorite tiny posse or that family vacation to your signature getaway cabin in the mountains.
Landscapers Have Connections to Local Nurseries.

Landscaping professionals can help you to not only save on plant life costs but also help you keep your foliage local. When you know what blooms well in your area, you can create a garden or lawn that will stay beautiful and lively for years to come. Local plants require much less TLC because they are already well-accustomed to the Cherry Hills’ climate. This means that you can spend less time on the upkeep of your property and more time playing golf. Win/win.
Landscaping Can Create Additional Privacy.

Your home’s natural layout may not be planned out for privacy and that is ok. Perhaps that was not a major concern for you at first or maybe you decided that you would cross this bridge later on. However, as your family has grown or other things in your life have changed – you want more privacy that allows you to play in the yard, leave the bay windows open or just feel more secluded from the world around you. Landscaping can help you do just that. From large, lush hedges to something more decorative, we can help you to create the privacy that you want with the natural allure that you crave.

Landscaping Beautifies Your Home… and Creates New Memories.

While you already know that hiring a professional to landscape your Cherry Hills home, you might not have considered just how much more you will use your yard when it perfectly suits your own style. What could you do with a new hydrangea garden or a lux maze of shrubbery? The kids will love the imaginative space it creates for playtime and you will love the way that the yard calls to your little ones to get out for a while. With so many devices and medias keeping children busy these days, it can be more important than ever to enjoy the wild outdoors. When that “wild” outdoors is your own safe backyard… the possibilities for adventure are endless.
It Can Reduce Storm-Weather Runoff.

If you live in a lower lying area, you may have issues with puddles forming in the yard. This is not only bad news for your new shoes but also bad news for your home’s foundation. Landscaping can help to combat storm-weather runoff, keeping your yard dryer in the areas that it matters most.
It Can Improve Your Family’s Health.

Landscaping can help to filter out the bad-for-you chemicals and pollutants in the atmosphere, making the air inside and outside your home cleaner and healthier for you to breathe. This can be especially important for family’s who have children with asthma or allergies that can be prone to flare ups. If your child is allergic to certain plants, we can work with you to ensure that the plants and foliage in your yard will improve matters… not make them worse.
It Can Decrease Stress.

Did you know that many studies have shown that looking at nature just for a few moments can lower blood pressure, improve breathing and ease anxiety? It’s true. When your own yard is a beautiful haven where nature thrives, you can get those few moments of stress relief that you need all without ever leaving the yard.
Your home is the place where all your best memories happen. Here at Lawn Pros, we understand that your home is not just a structure or a piece of land. It is your comfort zone, the place you want to return to after a long day and get lost in the beauty that can only come where there is family and togetherness. We are family people too. We get it. That is why we promise that we will always do our very best to provide you with the kind of high quality, affordable services that we would want for our own families. Your home sweet home is already sweet because of the people in it… we just help to make it a little bit sweeter.


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