Landscaping Colorado Springs, CO

Landscaping in Colorado Springs requires special considerations. While the climate is not extremely hot or cold, it does come with some challenges. However, there are many species of plants and shrubs native to Colorado. When considering landscaping options, it’s a good idea to consult with and hire experts, for Landscaping Colorado Springs. When a home or property has attractive outdoor spaces, it gets noticed. Colorado Springs has plenty to offer its residents, whether they’ve lived in the area for a while or are new to the region.

Landscaping Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs is known for its Rocky Mountain backdrop and a town with plenty of outdoor activities. New shopping centers and theaters also attract residents and visitors. Outdoor activities available include horseback treks, mountain biking, climbing, hiking, whitewater rafting, and tours of Pike’s Peak. Landscapers in Colorado Springs know they must compete with the natural splendor of mountain views. Native plants, flowers, and shrubs enhance the natural backdrop, rather than overpower it.

Living within a nearby mountain range makes it easy to enjoy the outdoors. Many landscaping ideas used in backyards and outdoor gardens come from the popularity of outdoor enjoyment and entertainment. Lawn Pros can give residents the kind of backyard they want, to enhance their enjoyment of the outdoors. Whether it’s a new fire pit, an outdoor kitchen, a space to relax and read, or a beautiful garden and waterfall, We have the expertise to give customers what they desire.

Sometimes, the little details give a home more curb appeal. Issues like healthy lawns, attractive walkways, and carefully pruned trees add value to a property. Our services include expert tree and shrub care. We have experience with both grass and turf lawns, to accentuate the home and provide the look of a well manicured place. This is helpful when selling a home. If potential buyers don’t like what they see on the outside, they may not be interested in the inside of the residence.

Hardscapes of all types, whether backyard patios, front walkways, pool areas, or outdoor living spaces, are something we can provide, with consultation and customization. Retaining walls and ledges help prevent soil erosion and can protect the integrity of a yard. We know how to design these features, so they blend naturally with the surrounding landscape and continue to serve their purpose for years to come.

Both homeowners and commercial property owners can benefit from a bit of drama in the landscape. We can create waterfalls using a panel system, created by stone makers. This system takes days to install, rather than weeks. The waterfall systems can be added to pools as well, without using tons of rock. They look natural and give outdoor spaces an inviting appeal that is soothing and enjoyable. Waterfalls also serve as an excellent noise barrier, for both homes and businesses located near highways, busy intersections, near schools, shopping centers, or railways.

Colorado Springs can sometimes experience dry spells, with very little rain. Proper lawn care may require the installation of sprinkler systems, for those who choose not to have artificial grass installation. We install, inspect, and repair lawn sprinkler systems of all types, whether for residential landscaping or commercial landscaping. Our experts will work with property owners, to design or develop an optimal system and provide instruction on the best times to schedule routine watering for landscapes in Colorado. Scheduling sprinklers to come on at optimal times reduces water usage and takes advantage of moisture retention on lawns and natural landscapes.

Trees in Colorado are generally hardy species. But, sometimes they need help in maintaining health. Our experts can inspect, trim, and make recommendations on the best tree care plan for your lawn or outdoor spaces. Well cared for trees are an important part of maintaining attractive outdoor spaces and preserving natural beauty of the landscape. Landscape services Colorado Springs residents will appreciate can provide total care of the lawn and outdoor spaces, including trees and shrubs. In the long run, homeowners can save money, by hiring full service landscapers that provide total grounds care and advice.

Outdoor kitchens range from simple to very extravagant. The style will depend on how much the kitchen is used and the type of entertaining residents enjoy. Natural stone and wood top prep areas are ideal for those who want to maintain a natural look. Stone bars with concrete or granite counter areas are suitable for outdoor bars and more formal kitchens. Many people want to make more use of their outdoor spaces. When it comes to landscape designers Colorado Springs residents should look for companies like ours, that work with homeowners to design custom kitchens that are both functional and attractive to the property.

Landscaping Colorado Springs, CO

Artificial turf requires little maintenance. It is an ideal lawn substance for small yards, for those who are unable to do lawn and yard maintenance, and for those who participate in special activities. We can install putting greens in back yards, as well as on major golf courses. Artificial turf is attractive and can help homeowners greatly reduce water usage. For some people, this benefit alone is worth considering turf over grass seeding.

Fire pits, like outdoor kitchens, can be simple or elaborate. Some are designed to blend with outdoor spaces. Others become the focal point of an outdoor living space. Regardless of which a customer chooses, our landscapers in Colorado Springs Co can provide a functional, on demand fire pit, to be used year-round, or most of the year. Stone fire pits can be accentuated with concrete seating benches or wood benches, for an inviting, yet informal area, to entertain guests and spend time with family.

Colorado landscape contractors should have the experience and skills to give commercial and residential property owners what they want. They should also be willing to work with customers, to make suitable recommendations, based on need and budget. Lawn Pros can handle nearly any type of landscaping issue, whether in tree care and maintenance, hardscaped outdoor spaces or walks, water features, outdoor kitchens, or natural erosion control.


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