Landscaping Commerce City, CO

The entrance to a property, whether private or commercial, is both aesthetic and functional because it welcomes guests to your home or business establishment. It acts as a tone-setter for the experience that people will have while visiting your property. A good combination of plants, signage, hardship features and smart design execution creates a remarkable entrance while increasing the property’s value.

It is important to take time and properly plan your landscaping to come up with an ideal design that sets a good tone for the entire property. It is recommended to hire a reputable company to design and build the perfect landscape for your property. Custom designed lawns prevent simple off-the-shelf designs that end up looking generic.

Where is Commerce City Co?

Commerce City Colorado is located in Colorado’s State of Adams County. It is actually one of the northern suburbs of Denver and currently ranked number 18 in the state in terms of population. The city is a mixed industrial and residential community with a vibrant oil refinery in the area that is operated by Suncor. It is also a sporting community that hosts the Colorado Rapids (a Major League Soccer team) at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park. City of Commerce City Co has a population of over 45, 913 people as per the 2010 US consensus.

Significance of Hiring a Landscaping Company

A landscaping company has more experience and is bound to come up with an end design that will look great on your property. From the point of conception up to the completed project, a professional company handles the design and installation phases of your landscape. Some essential services offered include:

Property maintenance.
Full custom designs and built landscapes.
Fire mitigation.
Ice and snow management.
Artificial grass installation.
Landscape management.
Landscape installation and irrigation services.
Tree care services.

Landscaping companies have a combined experience of several professionals including landscape designers, architects and project managers. They are highly skilled in creating, installing and maintaining an impeccable outdoor space for your property. In addition, professional companies know the local topography and climate of Commerce City. Thus, they are in a better position to know which landscaping flowers and plants thrive in the area.

Residential Landscaping

Residential landscaping can be a fun family (or personal) project that allows you to spend time designing your lawn and garden. In addition, it is also a great way to spend free time, bond with family members, nourish your creativity and save money. However, personal landscaping is mainly limited to small projects and individuals with some free time on their hands. For large scale projects, it is advisable to hire a good landscaping company. Below is the Professional Landscaping Process.

Initial Consultation

The first step after hiring a landscaping company is the initial consultation. This gives you a chance to get acclimatized with the products and services of the company. This also allows the company to know what you want on your property and get any informative insights of your preferred designs plus any other relevant information. This makes it possible to come up with a tailor-made design to meet your needs and wants. If you happen to have a pre-designed project, the company will give you a quote.

Landscape Design

This is the foundation and starting point of creating your functional landscape. Since this is an extension of your personal style and home, it should be spectacular. A good reputable company will use natural features and supplement them with personalized enhancements irrespective of whether it is a new construction or a project renovation. It should provide many years of solitude, relaxation and enjoyment. It may also become the envy and pride of the neighborhood.

Soil Preparation and Installation

The most important step that leads to a successful lawn is soil preparation. Here, the goal is to come up with a solid base that supports the growth, development and nourishment of the grass and other plants used in the project. Sod is actually a living plant and needs to be installed immediately after delivery.


A successful lawn is dependent on proper soil preparation, elements and irrigation. Newly installed grass needs a well-established sprinkler system. This is because of the increased water needs of the sod in the first few weeks. It is prudent to maintain a consistent moisture level in all lawn areas. A landscaping company will properly advise you on optimal watering conditions, and lawn care, in all seasons to ensure proper maintenance.

Commercial Landscaping

Commercial landscaping requires the services of a reputable company that uses state-of-the-art management systems and equipment for all its projects. The end result is a perfect design that lasts for several years with low maintenance costs. As a client, you should shop around to find a good company that offers quality services at a relatively low cost. Affordable landscaping does not only mean hiring a company with the lowest quote, rather, it extends to other future maintenance costs as well. It is therefore important to find a company that will minimize future costs of maintaining the lawn even though the initial investment may be quite high. Besides, cheap is always expensive.

What to Look for in a Good Company

A company that receives several positive recommendations and reviews is generally a good option to consider. However, before settling on a company, consider the following:

Do an online search for the company and look at its reviews.
Ask for references and follow up on them.

Ask for certification and insurance for all workers at the company.

Look at the investments made by the company in terms of equipment and workforce.

Weigh the experience of the contractor and its employees.
A professional company should have highly trained and well-behaved employees.

It should also guarantee its products.

Landscaping is important because it allows a home or a business premises to make a good first impression on visitors. Landscaping Commerce City CO is encouraged by the municipal authorities because it improves the city’s aesthetic design. In addition, commercial landscaping has the potential to improve the working environment for employees (thus increasing productivity) while increasing the number of clients seeking your services.


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