Landscaping Ken Caryl, CO

If you want to increase the value of your property, then consider an investment in landscaping. This is a better project than many types of house renovations. After all, the yard is the first thing that buyers will see when they visit. You want to make a great impression from the beginning as it sets them in the mood to bid high. Even businesses can benefit from this project as clients and customers alike will look at them more favorably. A good-looking park, office building, hotel, and shopping center will attract more people than those that look a bit run down. This is certainly the case in Ken Caryl, Colorado.

An Overview of Ken Caryl CO

The town has a long history dating back to the late 1800s. It owes its existence to the same thing that enabled other Colorado cities to rise: mining. The gold rush sent people on a mass migration to the west and this area was along one of the routes. The property owner at the time built an inn for those who were in transit as well as a toll road that made traveling a lot easier. It was a lucrative business but it didn’t last. Others took over the property, turning it into a ranch and eventually a thriving community.

The almost 10 square miles of land is home to over 30,000 residents. Its population rose at a rapid rate in the 80s and the 90s but is now stabilizing with single digit growth. This is perhaps due to the density which has breached 3,000 per sq mile. It’s still a pretty good place to live in with an excellent school system and plenty of opportunities for employment. Almost a quarter of the households have people who live alone, 5% of whom are seniors. Lockheed Martin, the aerospace and defense giant, is one of the biggest employers in the valley.

Landscaping Ken Caryl CO

Commercial Landscaping Services

Our company, Lawn Pros, offers professional landscaping services to businesses in Colorado including those in Ken Caryl. We have been in operation for over a decade and have served different commercial establishments throughout that time. Several hotels, condominiums, apartments, retirement communities, and shopping centers have trusted us with their landscaping projects. We continue to enjoy their loyal patronage by ensuring 100% customer satisfaction in everything that we do. Even county municipalities have asked us to do a number of projects with them. Our range of services has grown over the years and now includes the following:

1. Design and Installation

If you are building a new structure, then it is important to think not only of the building itself but also its surroundings. Make sure that people are inspired as they walk around the premises. Lawn Pros can provide design and installation expertise to create the perfect environment for your business. Just tell our designers what your goals are for the space and any specific elements that you might wish to include. They will find a way to make it all work. Once the design has been approved, our workers will turn the ideas into reality. You will be delighted to see your imagination come to life.

2. Maintenance

It is important to remember that a landscaped area requires regular maintenance. For instance, grass can grow quickly and become unmanageable if left alone. The blades must be trimmed periodically to keep them within a tolerable height range. The shrubs will also grow out which may be bad for the aesthetics of the place. Often, these shrubs are used to create living sculptures that resemble animals or symbols. The effect is truly eye-catching and usually becomes almost an iconic landmark. Make sure that your garden is always in top shape with everything trimmed sharply and all the debris cleaned out.

3. Renovations

You might also get our renovation services in case you are aiming to freshen up your outdoor spaces. Commercial complexes that have been around for a while can sometimes fall into disuse. The landscaping is often the first to take a hit. Bring back the former glory of the place by creating a new design and fixing things that need repairs. For instance, the plumbing system for the sprinklers might already be corroded. This can be remedied without a problem as our workers are trained to sort out this and many other problems. Our affordable landscaping services is what you need to make a brand new start.

4. Fertilization and Plant Care

Businesses in the city of Ken Caryl CO might also be interested in our fertilization and plant care services. These are intended to improve the look of a landscaped area. Fertilization will help trees grow big and strong. Flowering plants are more likely to bloom. Any issues such as pests and similar problems can be dealt with. Our staff is composed of highly knowledgeable individuals who can ensure that your plants will grow healthy. They are familiar with the species that are often used in landscaping as well as the effect of the soil, the weather, and other pertinent elements.

Landscaping Ken Caryl CO

Residential Landscaping Services

A lot of homeowners have also reached out to us for residential landscaping. Their gardens may have been installed by professionals or built by their own hands. Many want to improve their yard for various reasons. Some are intending to sell the property in the future. Others simply dream of a better house where they can enjoy more time outdoors in beautiful surroundings. Whatever the case may be, all of the services provide to commercial establishments can also be availed by homeowners. The scale may be smaller but the results are no less magical.

Lawn Pros has the answer to all of your landscaping needs. If you need to design, install, renovate, or improve your outdoor spaces, then give us a call and we will gladly lend you our able assistance. Don’t worry about the cost as we are known to provide affordable services. We are the right landscaping Ken Caryl CO experts for the job.


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