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Located in El Paso County, Colorado, at the foot of the Rampart Range, the town of Monument has been experiencing rapid growth over the years. The town is bordered by the Pike National Forest, with Colorado Springs in the west. There are rolling plains to the east of the town and to its south is the US Air Force Academy. To its north are rock outcroppings, foothills and the City of Castle Rock.

Monument is home to large chain businesses and thriving small businesses alike. In 1872, Monument was initially used as one of the stops along the Rio Grande Railroad. In 1879, the area became incorporated and back then the town was named Henry’s Station. However, in 1879, Monument was used to replace the previous name.

Residential Landscaping Monument CO Services

Landscaping Monument CO

Creating functional and spectacular outdoor spaces is the primary goal of landscaping design. A great landscape design ensures there is cohesion between the outdoor space and the rest of the property. This is essential as the landscape should be a natural extension of the home. To accomplish this, reputable landscape design professionals create outdoor spaces that complement the existing architectural details of the home.

Additionally, the importance of ‘green living’ has inspired landscaping services to provide sustainable spaces. This type of landscaping project incorporates customized enhancements with the natural features of the property. This delivers the desired look and ultimately creates a work of art that adds visual appeal, value and function.

Whether it is a renovation project or a new home construction, residential landscaping services can create a peaceful and stunning outdoor space to engage your soul, mind and body. The many demands of life can make for hectic living; having an easily-accessible relaxation haven to enjoy on a daily basis can drastically improve your quality of life.

In addition to designing and installing a landscape that will stand out among the others in the neighborhood, professional landscape services can create distinct spaces that cater to the varying needs of family members. For instance, your outdoor space could have a swimming pool for family fun. There could also be a relaxation garden for readers and nature lovers in search of a view. Your landscape design could also include a play area for the youngest members of the household. The landscape design you ultimate choose will be limited only by space and budget.


The textures and kaleidoscope of colors that plants bring to outdoor spaces remarkably enhance the property. Colorful blooms provide the eyes with a luscious treat and the fragrance of some of these flowers can effortlessly soothe the soul. As a highly beneficial part of the landscape, plants not only add to the color and beauty of the space, they can also provide tranquility and add scale to the landscape. Trees, ground covers, shrubs, perennials and other plants assist in boosting property value, providing shade, cooling the home and filtering noise and dust.

Commercial Landscaping Monument CO Services

There is no escaping the fact that first impressions last. The outdoor spaces surrounding your commercial property could play an immense role in attracting customers. Of course, it is the quality and delivery of the service you offer that will ultimately keep your customers coming back. However, the importance of having a beautiful and functional outdoor space should not be undermined. Monument landscaping services can provide your business with the ideal look and function. Some specific benefits of commercial landscaping are listed below:

Economic Benefits

The value of your commercial property can be boosted by a well-maintained landscape. As they walk or drive by, the attention of existing and potential clients will be captured by spectacular landscaping. Immaculately-manicured front yards, driveways and walkways give the impression that business is being conducted in a detail-oriented and proactive environment. This can intensify interest in your company. Additionally, the exterior of your property could be seen as a reflection of the excellence clients can get from your business.

Environmental Benefits

Environmentally-conscious individuals and the environment alike appreciate ‘green’ businesses. Commercial landscaping professionals can design spaces that contribute to your efforts in lowering your carbon footprint. Green spaces like lawns and gardens help to rid the air of dust and other pollutants. Additionally, these spaces provide urban regions with well-needed shade.

Furthermore, plants play a fundamental role in decreasing surrounding temperatures. The temperatures surrounding your commercial property can be positively impacted by sustainable landscaping; this could save money on the cost of heating and cooling your offices. Other benefits of having the right types of plants in your landscape include remarkable rainfall retention and less soil erosion.

Entities that take advantage of commercial landscaping service include:

• Hotels
• Homeowners Associations
• Condominiums
• Apartments
• Shopping Centers
• Industrial Parks
• Retirement Communities
• County Municipalities

Landscaping Monument CO

Maintenance of Commercial Landscape

Effective commercial landscaping could require a sizable investment. Therefore, keeping the property looking great over the years is a good way to protect your investment. A company that provides full-service commercial maintenance will deliver the best results. These creative experts will provide your commercial property with personalized attention and top-of-the-line workmanship. They do what it takes to foster lasting relationships by expertly addressing your lawn care needs.

It is important to choose insured and fully-licensed commercial landscaping company. Ensure the company uses state-of-the-art equipment and management systems to satisfy your landscaping needs. Additionally, they should have licensed, well-trained, English-speaking professionals making up their staff. For excellent results, go for a landscaping company that provides a dedicated account manager as your main contact.

A company that provides professional landscaping services will have extraordinary infrastructure to provide outstanding customer service, high-quality workmanship and remarkable value.

You should consider a company that places emphasis on the following services:

• Landscape design and installation
• Fertilization
• Landscape maintenance
• Plant care programs
• Landscape renovations
• Installation and repair of irrigation systems

For professional recommendations for your residential and commercial projects, kindly contact our Lawn Pros experts at (720) 221-3606 or (719) 963-6267.


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