Landscaping Westminster, CO

Gardens and yards can either be simple to decorate or complex. This is usually dependent on the personality, lifestyle, and dreams of the owner. Some owners prefer to take personal care of their yards using simple DIY landscaping procedures. However, not everybody has the interest or time to painstakingly do their own landscaping Westminster CO. Therefore, they opt to hire landscaping and lawn care services.

Westminster, Colorado

Westminster is a suburban community that is located in the state of Colorado. It has a wide variety of housing, schools, landscapes and public facilities. The best features of this warm city are the numerous recreational activities available to both locals and visitors. Lovers of history will appreciate touring the Pillar of Fire or Bowles House Museum. Both buildings are on the list of National Register of Historical Places.

For a more modern appreciation of the city, one may opt to visit City Hall and climb to the top for a spectacular view of the entire city as well as the Rocky Mountains background. The city’s central position between Boulder and Denver cities puts it at a strategic location near the busy highways. It boasts of retail and business centers, recreational facilities as well as entertainment spots. Tourists enjoy the city’s vast outdoor activities including golf courses, parks, ice skating, open space trails, soccer, swimming, numerous restaurants and its bustling nightlife.

Importance of Westminster Lawn Service

Landscaping Westminster CO

Proper lawn care services in Westminster are important because they lead to healthy grasses, shrubs and trees. Lawn care services Westminster CO results in an aesthetically beautiful outdoor space that can be used by the whole family. A well maintained lawn is an excellent playing space for kids and pets. It is also a nice area to relax under a shade during hot summer afternoons. What’s more, family gatherings and barbeques can be held in the back yard.

The entire neighborhood will fall in love with a well maintained lawn and a good curb appeal. This is because these outdoor areas are visible from the road and are the first scenes that one sees when visiting a home. Beautiful neighborhoods with well-maintained front and back yards are a sight to behold.

A healthy lawn is beneficial to the environment. This is because a lawn that has planted trees and shrubs results in a deep root system that allows erosion, runoff control and purifies water. Lawns have the ability to trap up to 12 million tons of matter (dust, pollen, soil) resulting in fresh and clean air. Natural sod tends to cool yards leading to lower energy and air conditioning bills. Plants also produce oxygen and sequester carbon leaving fresh air to breathe.

Qualities of a Suitable Lawn Care Service

Raking and lawn mowing services are not enough to maintain a healthy lawn. Landscaping Westminster Co requires the right soil moisture levels throughout the year to be able to sustain all the plants and grass on the yard. In addition, application of pesticides and fertilizers repels bugs and creates the perfect conditions for sustaining healthy plants.

Residential Landscaping Services

Landscaping Westminster CO

Residential landscaping is important in maintaining beautiful front and back yards throughout the year. Homeowners prefer to have their yards custom designed to meet their specific needs and wants. However, others opt to leave everything to the professionals including the design process. Generally, it is recommended to hire professional landscape services that will design and build a beautiful outdoor space for the client and their family.

One important reason for hiring a landscaper is the fact that they are acquainted with the microclimate of Westminster, Colorado. This means that they know which plants and perennials do well in the area and can withstand its weather. In addition, the contractor will be able to install irrigation systems on the yard including sprinklers.

Since Westminster landscaping companies have years of experience, they are able to identify perennials that flower beautifully during spring and summer. On top of these, they understand that these plants do not flower all year round. Therefore, they plant trees and shrubs in a suitable arrangement that remains aesthetically beautiful all year round.

Commercial Landscaping

Commercial landscaping is important because it beautifies Westminster City. Professional companies are hired to come up with affordable landscaping designs that are implemented around county municipalities, private office buildings, industrial parks, recreational centers, golf courses, business and retail centers, retirement communities, shopping centers as well as playing grounds.

When looking for a suitable landscaper, it is important to consider their background and experience, BBB rating, licensing, insurance, references, provision of warranties, equipment and landscaping materials used as well as their price quotes. A good company offers quality workmanship, exceptional value and outstanding customer services. It also has minimal negative reviews from past clients.

Natural Sod vs. Artificial Turf

Traditional natural sod has been used for years to beautify lawns and landscapes. However, this grass is quite expensive to maintain because it requires constant watering, weeding and mowing. On top of this, grass requires application of fertilizers for growth and pesticides to remove pests. These chemicals are harmful to the environment since they choke the soil and seep deep underground where they are carried by runoff water into rivers and lakes causing pollution.

These limitations of natural sod have led to the popularity of artificial turf. Though the initial artificial grass installation is quite costly, it has minimal maintenance costs thereafter. This means that there is no need for watering, weeding or mowing. What’s more, once installed, artificial sod has a lifespan of 8 to 25 years. The turf remains evenly distributed throughout its lifespan meaning that there is no more patches of soil on the lawn. This turf is environmentally friendly because it does not lead to wastage of clean drinking water or application of chemicals.

Landscaping Westminster CO is made easy by hiring a professional contractor. It is important to reduce maintenance costs associated with both residential and commercial landscaping. This can be achieved by installing artificial sod instead of planting natural grass as well as learning simple DIY maintenance procedures.


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