7 Spring Tips for Lawn Care in Colorado Springs


Start preparing your lawn for the coming summer. Get the lawn of your dreams. With a little planning and some work, you can have a lawn the neighbors are envious of. Let’s go over a few tips for spring lawn care Colorado Springs:

First, take it easy on the soil. Don’t be in a hurry to start working in your yard. Let the soil thaw and dry out before beginning your spring lawn care chores. Foot traffic on wet soils will cause soil compaction problems. Even worse damage is caused by walking on lawns where the soil has thawed on top and is still frozen underneath, shearing roots in the frozen soil from the grass plants on top.

Second, aerate your lawn. This puts small holes into your lawn that allows water and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass. No need to rake the plugs off the lawn, with water and time, the plugs will just disappear. Aerating benefits your lawn in several ways: reduces soil compaction, controls thatch, stimulates new root growth and improves water, air and nutrient filtration. Click here to read more about lawn aeration in Colorado Springs. 

Third, if necessary dethatch your lawn. This is commonly referred to as “power raking” this rakes all of the dead lawn clipping and dormant grass from last year. Aerating will help control thatch and is less damaging to grass plants than power raking. If your thatch layer is over 1/2″ deep, you’ll want to consider dethatching with a power rake. Again, wait to power rake until your grass is actively growing and wait to apply crabgrass preventer until after you rake. Click here to read more about power raking in Colorado Springs. 

Forth, has your soil been tested lately?
Or at least in the last three years? A soil test will tell you how much, if any, nutrients your lawn needs. It is the only way to determine whether or not liming is needed, and how much to apply. A soil test is also a valuable tool for diagnosing problems with your lawn, garden and landscape plants.

Firth, fertilize your lawn. Lawns love to get fed. Fertilize with a product that contains pre-emergent weed control. Spring is the best time to apply fertilizer that also includes a pre-emergent weed control because now is prime time to get after crabgrass or other annual weeds. Read more about fertilizing in Colorado Springs.

Sixth, activate your sprinkler system. As soon as temperatures stay consistently about 35 degrees, it is time to turn on your sprinkler system. At Lawn Pros, we take spring turn on very seriously. Your system is actually a complex series of plumbing and electrical parts that need to be maintained.

Here are four important benefits to the Lawn Pros Spring Turn On:

• Ensures the proper irrigation to produce a thick, green, lush lawn all summer.
• Conserves water, fertilizer, and energy thereby saving you money that would be wasted unnecessarily.
• Maintains all components in working order making them less vulnerable to the rigors of the elements.
• Operates at peak efficiency during the hottest, driest part of the season.

The bottom line is the Lawn Pros Spring Turn On, performed correctly, will irrigate at the proper rate while helping conserve both water and money. Click here to read more about sprinkler activation in Colorado Springs.

Seventh, overseed bare areas. Fall is the best time to seed cool-season grasses. However, there is a short ‘window of opportunity’ you can take advantage of in the spring… Grass seed will start to germinate when soil temperatures reach 50° F. Get your seeding done early enough so the new grass plants have time to develop strong roots before the summer stress period.

Overseeding works best when combined with aerating. Seeds will find their way into the aeration holes where they are protected, make good contact with the soil, and germinate quickly. Skip the crabgrass control if you overseed because it also works on grass seed. Click here to read more about overseeding in Colorado Springs. 


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