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Sprinkler control boxes are known by many names. You may hear them referred to as controller timers, irrigation controllers, or lawn sprinkler controllers. Whatever name you use does not matter, the sprinkler control box is the main brain behind your sprinkler system. Sprinkler control boxes provide property owners the ability to program the controller to establish lawn watering schedules with a built-in calendar and a choice of timing programs that you can program yourself.

Our lawn pros irrigation technicians install, maintain and repair many types of sprinkler control boxes. You may be surprised to learn that there are various types of control boxes available; from the very simple lawn control timer to the more complex landscape controller. A all-purpose sprinkler controller has the ability to monitor weather conditions to control watering times and amounts, adjust for landscape design and even plant growth development. Of course, an advanced controller does need the assistance of someone who is well skilled in programming the right information into the system in order to make it perform to its maximum potential. The good news is that Lawn Pros Sprinkler Repair and Irrigation has the technicians who can install your sprinkler control box and teach you all the points of making the box work correctly.

When the time comes to have your sprinkler controller upgraded or replaced, there are some important features you will want to to know about. We suggest you review these options and your Lawn Pros sprinkler technician will explain the benefits of each:

Features of a Sprinkler Control Boxes:

 • Clock and Calendar Settings: (program watering times, control cycles, and makes adjustments)
 • Manual Start and Manual Station Master Switch: (helpful during maintenance, allows you to check for leaks, misaligned or broken sprinkler heads, and adjust spray arcs and replace nozzles)
 • Battery Backup: allows the timer in the controller to maintain the time, date, and watering schedule
 • Delay Switch: allowssprinkler valvesoperating in one zone the time to close before opening another zone
 • Master Valve Control: prevents water flowing into the system in the event of  the system failing
 • Master Switch: overrides the automatic functions of the programmed stations
 • Station Omission: this allows you to select which stations will and will not run
 • Rain Sensor: detects rain which triggers a switch that shuts down the system to prevent unnecessary watering
 • NVS (Non-Volatile Storage) Memory: maintain program data (such as time, date, and watering schedules)

Sprinkler Controller Options:

If you’re into advanced technology, then you may want to consider adding some additional features to your sprinkler control box, which provides even more  convenience, such as:

 • Systems that allow for extra stations
 • Systems that have handheld remote control
 • Systems that allow control using your computer
 • Systems that have multiple weather sensing devices (wind, rain, freezes, etc.)

Lawn Pros Sprinkler Repair can install the simplest control timer to the most advanced landscape controller available. Once we’ve had the opportunity to visit with you and find out what your needs are, we can then recommend a sprinkler control box that will do whatever you require. Should you need sprinkler system repairs that require re-programming your controller, we’ll handle this and assist you with any changes.  If you have even a small sprinkler leak, we can repair that too. We’re here for all your sprinkler and irrigation needs.

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