Municipality Applications

The civic center is one of the places that most visitors and residents visit. The visit could be a tourist stop or to attend one of the city events held there. Some would say this center is the heart of the city, which makes the curb appeal very important. This is why artificial grass is a necessity. There are a few reasons why artificial grass is the best choice for a civic center.

1. Reduce City Worker Hours

A city worker has a lot to do, but mowing and constant watering will be two things your city workers will not have to worry about. Our artificial turfs do not grow and require minimal watering. Little maintenance is needed to give the grass blades that misty look. Your city workers can concentrate on beautifying the rest of the city.

2. Eco-Friendliness Looks Good

More people are interested in what companies and cities are doing to protect this earth. People want to visit places that are making green-conscious decisions. Installing our artificial grass is one simple green-friendly action that can be taken by your city that will not cost much. Minimal watering means less water is wasted. No mowing means that fuel is not used to power the mower and there are no carbon emissions. Let the people know that your city is taking the earth into consideration and taking steps towards greener living.

3. An Investment That Keeps Giving

Real grass has a few issues that no one talks about until you install it and start dealing with them. For one, there could be some flooding problems. Dirt is a natural draining system, but it is a little slow. Floods do occur, and it takes some time before people can walk on the grass. Not to mention that mud is not visually appealing. Our artificial grass has an excellent drainage system that prevents issues like this from occurring.

It should not be forgotten that each one of our grass blades is engineered to withstand heavy foot traffic and weight. This means that people can walk, stand during an event, or even lay on the grass without damaging it. You do not have to worry about replacing your artificial grass any time soon.

The synthetic material is also made to withstand extreme temperatures. In all fairness, it is going to be hard to find an argument against using a artificial synthetic grass for your civic center.


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