Overhauling, Modifying, Rerouting Sprinklers & Sprinkler Systems

Sometimes an existing sprinkler system needs to be modified or renovated. Sprinkler system reroutes are one of the many services Lawn Pros sprinkler service technicians handle efficiently. We have more than 10 years of experience renovating sprinklers and updating lawn sprinkler systems throughout Colorado Springs, Monument, Denver and surrounding cities. There are many reasons why an existing sprinkler system may need to be overhauled or rerouted, but regardless of the reason Lawn Pros Sprinkler Repair is up to the challenge and can get the job done in no time at all.

If you’ve recently moved into a house that is more than 10 years old, it’s almost a certainty that the existing sprinkler system is still utilizing the original sprinkler heads. The sprayer heads and nozzles have generally reached the end of their life and will start to fail. We can upgrade to new lawn rotors or spray heads that have proper coverage and will last well beyond their warranty. If you have flower beds or gardens that have older drip lines, chances are these lines will have leaking and be ineffective at delivering the watering you need.

Reasons you need professional help with your sprinkler system reroute:

• Landscape redesign
• Creation of gardens or additional  flower beds means new zones
• Sun and shade areas change as a result of landscape changes
• Swimming pool or hot tub reroutes
• Addition of sidewalk or retaining wall
• Addition of  a deck, patio or outdoor kitchen requires reconfiguration
• Reconfigure the sprinkler systems after an add-on to your home
• Installing pop up micro sprinklers for small gardens, or drip irrigation tubes in potted plants

With Lawn pros Sprinkler Repair, you can be confident in our abilities to do your sprinkler system reroute right the first time. Our team of sprinkler and irrigation technicians are certified, and trained to deliver service above and beyond what you expect and we make sure you’re 100% satisfied before we consider the job complete.  Our goal is your total satisfaction, nothing more and nothing less.

Sprinkler Repair Services

• Irrigation System Repair
• Lawn Sprinkler Systems
• Sprinkler System Repair
• Sprinkler Leak Repair
• Sprinkler System Reroutes
• Sprinkler System Maintenance
• Sprinkler System Checkup
• Sprinkler Products
• Sprinkler System Valves
• Sprinkler System Control Box
• Sprinkler Climate Sensors
• Sprinkler Heads
• Sprinklers

Call our sprinkler system repair company today and experience true customer service. If you  would like to schedule an appointment you can also complete our easy request form and our staff will get right back to you.

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