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All Season PLUSH

June 27, 2017
Lawn Pros

$10.00 Price per sq. ft.

Made to resemble the classic look of a real lawn with natural looking thatch. Superb, high quality, top of the line, lush, thick, cushiony soft, very high end turf. A  richer, and darker color  makes this turf not only look superb but is considered to be above all other turf. Perfect for lounging on. This grass will not irritate your skin or feel prickly between your toes. Turf is backed with Double PP & PU backing which increases the lifespan of turf. Drainage holes makes it easy for liquids to pass through.

COLOR: Field Green & Olive Green with Brown & Green Thatching
FACE WEIGHT: 110.00 oz.yd2
BACKING WEIGHT: 20.00 oz.yd2
TOTAL WEIGHT: 130.00 oz.yd2
STITCH RATE: 26/10 cm
STITCHES/M2: 27300
BACKING: Double PP + PU Coating
ROLL SIZE (FEET): 13’ x 82’
TECHNOLOGY: Blade Shape Yarn, Matte Color

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