Return On Investment

An artificial grass installation will look stunning, save you lots of money and ultimately become a remarkable return on investment as well. In 2 to 3 years, the majority of customers will see a complete return on investment.

Saving Water Eventually Translates into Saving Money:

It has been proven that artificial grass can cut water bills by over 50%. This is done by pretty much eliminating the requirement for expensive sprinkler systems. Additionally, it has been estimated that supplying the average landscape with an inch of water calls for over 2 quarts (.62 gallons) for each square foot. This is an indication that:

• Each time you water a 10’x10′ landscape, approximately 62 gallons will be used.
• Each time you water a 100’x100′ landscape, approximately 6200 gallons will be used.
• Each time you water a 500’x500′ landscape, approximately 155,000 gallons will be used.
• Each time you water a 1000’x1000′ landscape, approximately 620,000 gallons will be used.

When it comes to water consumption in 5 of the United States’ major metropolitan areas, the average cost per gallon is $.0065. Placing this into monetary figures will paint quite a scary picture of how costly it can become to water a landscape on a weekly basis. Below is an outline of what it could cost to water the different landscape sizes in the examples above:

• It will cost $.40 per week to water a 10’x10′ landscape.
• It will cost $40.30 per week to water a 100’x100′ landscape.
• It will cost $1,007.50 per week to water a 500’x500′ landscape.
• It will cost $4,030.00 per week to water a 1000’x1000′ landscape.

Obviously, the bigger the landscape, the more money you will save on water when you switch to a synthetic grass system. There is significant savings to be made from installing artificial grass on your property. Below are some additional benefits of using this type of system:

Boosted Property Value

The artificial grass systems provided by Lawn Pros Landscaping, Artificial Turf & Concrete look as remarkable as they function. Owning a property that has a green landscape that looks spectacular all throughout the year has been proven to boost property value. In addition, a lush landscape always attracts interest and directly draws attention to your property. Research has indicated that artificial grass can typically yield a 200% return on investment. That is a lot higher than most bathroom and kitchen renovations.

Reduced Maintenance

In addition to not needing regular watering, artificial grass totally eliminates the need to trim, mow, spray pesticides and fertilize; this contributes to additional savings. Lawn maintenance is time consuming and can become quite expensive. On average, a mower utilizes a gallon of gas for each hour it runs. This is an average cost of more than $4. Using the services of a landscaping company will require even more money that could be saved or spent elsewhere. As such, hotels, schools, municipalities and commercial property owners can save tens of thousands of dollars annually just by cutting back on using landscaping tools. Switching to artificial grass has many advantages.

Water Rebates

It is becoming even more widely acknowledged by municipalities, cities, counties and states that artificial turf is an environmentally-friendly natural grass alternative. The prevalence of prolonged droughts are hiking up the cost of water and prompting local officials to persuade residents to live a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle. A number of government organizations are making monetary rebates to individuals who install artificial grass. There are cities that offer residents rebates of $50 for each 100 square feet. Therefore, now is the perfect time to make the switch to artificial grass.


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