Spring Power Raking

Thatch is the layer of organic material that lies on top of the soil. Some thatch is healthy and will help to retain moisture and protect your lawn’s root system, but too much blocks water, air and nutrients from reaching the soil. Thatch thicker than 1/2 inch deep reduces the effectiveness of fertilizers, watering and pest controls and provides a good habitat for disease and insects. A very high percentage of lawn problems in our area stem from heavy thatch.

A power raker or dethatcher; is designed to comb into the thatch layer and pull up the excess thatch. The dead grass that is pulled out will be raked up, removed from turf and hauled away. We always also do a short spring mowing to remove any winter growth and pick up the finer debris left behind. Power raking is NOT a method of cleaning up leaves, pine needles and debris. Upon completion of this service, you will see greener turf, and a lawn that looks great for the entire season.

What We Do for Power Raking:

We will power rake the entire lawn area, walking back and forth in a similar pattern to mowing the lawn, this brings the excess thatch (dead grass) to the surface. Then we hand rake or blow all the dead grass and dispose of it either on site or haul it to a disposal site. We do not remove the entire thatch layer, as a light thatch layer makes for a healthy lawn.

Benefits of Power Raking:

• Increases effectiveness of fertilizers, watering and pest controls
• Promotes a thicker and healthier lawn


Power raking MUST BE DONE in early spring BEFORE the lawn begins to grow. The best time to Power-rake is March 30 to May 15.

Spring power raking is important to remove thatch which promotes a thicker healthier lawn. Take care of your lawn with Power Raking by Lawn Pros. Give us a call for a free quote (719) 963-6267 or (720) 221-3606

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