The Benefits of a Professional Sprinkler Start Up

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Winters in cold climates are hard on a sprinkler system. It doesn’t take very much water in a sprinkler system to cause major problems. Frozen water is the number one problem with sprinkler systems in cold weather climates like Colorado Springs, Denver and Surrounding cities.

Frozen Water: 
Frozen water can cause Sprinkler pipes to crack, heads to break, and valves to not work properly.  Professionally starting your Sprinkler System in the spring allows for detection of any broken pipes. Frozen water can cause sprinkler heads to expand and break. This causes water to waste.

Frozen Ground: 
When the ground freezes it shifts. Shifting ground because of frost causes many sprinkler system problems. The most common problem is that sprinkler lines can be shifted out of alignment. This can cause cracks, breaks, or future problems.  Secondly, shifting ground can cause sprinkler heads to be out of alignment so coverage could be spotty. Most sprinkler controllers were turned off in the fall and were set for fall watering.  Having your sprinklers adjusted for spring will allow for better watering schedule and keep your lawn green. Lawn Pros specialize in all manner of Sprinkler Repair.

The Lawn Pros Spring Turn On:
At Lawn Pros, we take spring turn on very seriously. Your system is actually a complex series of plumbing and electrical parts that need to be maintained. The Lawn Pros Spring Turn On checklist includes the following:

• Overall system check:
We do this by slowly turning on the main valve and gently letting water fill in the sprinkler main and manifold. Once the system is filled, we check for leaks:
* manifold and zone valves
* backflow device
* all zones
* all sprinkler heads

• Sprinkler Controller:
We will trouble shoot your controller and program your watering schedule. If your controller is more than 10 years old, we can update it. You will recover the cost in water savings in one year.

• Rain Sensor:
We will make sure your rain sensor is working properly. Rain sensors are sensitive instruments and should be changed every 5-10 years.

• System Wiring:
Inspect field wiring between controller and zone valves. The freeze/thaw action of the ground, mice, rats, and rodents can all damage the wire. At the same time we will check all wire splices. Wire splices should be protected using waterproof electrical connectors.

• Backflow Device:
Visually examine the backflow device and test if required by the local water department. Lawn Pros recommends that backflow devices be rebuilt every five years. If it is over 10 years old, consider replacing.

• Landscape Coverage:
Finally, check sprinkler system for coverage of your landscape. As landscapes mature sprinkler heads may need to be moved, added, or shut off. The nozzles in the sprinkler head may need to be increased or reduced.

Start Up for only $39.00 for 2 Zones and $10 for Each Additional Zone

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