What you get with Lawn Pros Sprinkler Start-Up

You should have your sprinkler system professionally inspected and adjusted annually. Lawn Pros can start up and correctly adjust your sprinkler system to get the best coverage and performance from it. Due to an extended period of drought and water restrictions in our area, this is very important. Let us maximize the efficiency of your system and prevent our valuable water from running down the street.

10 point Colorado Springs sprinkler system start-up:

1. Clean any mainline irrigation filters
2. Turn on water at stop and waste
3. Properly set and turn on back flow preventer
4. Check all valves and manifolds for leaks
5. Turn on irrigation zones 1 by 1 and inspect for soggy spots in the lawn, pressure loss, or non working sprinkler heads.
6. Inspect pop up spray sprinkler lines for clogged nozzles
7. Reset sprinkler system control timer for proper seasonal watering time
8. Inspect drip-line for proper watering and leaks in the drip line
9. Before Staring System close Backflow.
10. Provide a detailed list of any sprinkler repairs discovered during initial start-up

Start Up for only $39.00 for 2 Zones and $10 for Each Additional Zone.
Contact Us TODAY! (719) 963-6267 or (720) 221-3606.

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